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About the Author

Rachel Olokunboro-Williams


I have decided that I want to make my own jewellery for the film, it’s something I always wanted to do and I also feel like it would be an interesting and intimate aspect to add. I have started to look at possible colourways and designers that inspire me. One who is a huge inspiration is Lane Marinho, she creates beautiful handmade accessories. her use of colours and textures are amazing and her use of the composition is always very interesting.

Sketch proto types

sountrack experiment number 1

Marketing ?

Now that I have the name of my film and have a clear identity I have started to think about possible marketing strategies for the film. I thought a cool idea was to realize promotional artwork each month leading up to the final release of the film. I will most likely post these on Instagram and maybe twitter. a great example of this was done by Tyler the creator who released artwork which counted down to the realises of his most recent album.

To make the artwork more interesting I decided to add moving image to make it more interesting, I not sure as to how I will do it yet but I have started brainstorming possible design ideas.


Today was mostly spent on lighting and getting used to the camera, most of the props I want to use has not be delivered yet but I was still able to go through most of the senses. I had my friend on set who will be helping with the lighting so we experimented with a few ideas I had to see which worked best. I couldn’t get any of the models I wanted to use to come in as they were all busy so I used my friend for a few shots just to get an overall visual. although there was a few issue like not being able to get the camera until 12:00pm and only having five hours to run through four scenes I managed to get a few good shots to work with and experiment with.


Sound track

I have started to think about my soundtrack briefly and the mood I want to create. So far I know I want to keep with (Nigerian) traditionally used instruments and I want to create almost an unfinished feel. Very contemporary with a range of sudden speeds and sounds to greate depth.

List of possible instruments to use in soundtrack:

  1. Kalimba/Thum piano
  2. Wind Chime
  3. Talking Drum
  4. Udu
  5. Gankeke bell
  6. Shekere Shaker
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