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Finding a name for the film came about very organically. I was looking into my mum’s birth sign for research purposes and started randomly thinking about what I could possibly call the film. I remember someone saying to me “You cant handle a flower roughly and not damage it’s petals” when I asked why they believed flowers have a feminine energy.

I started looking into different flowers and came across the bird of paradise flower within a couple seconds and I knew that was it. I started to look into what the flower means ( joyfulness) and how they need to bound together but may bruise smaller flowers and it confirmed to me that that was the name ! and they we have it, Bird of paradise.


I’ve spent a couple weeks in London developing my ideas and interviewing my mum. Using all this research and information I decided to break down my film into three scenes.

Kitchen scene

Getting ready scene

hair scene

I decided on these three scenes as I feel like they best sum up my experience growing up.



For the hair scene, I have started to look into the hairstyles which I want to feature. I looked at my mums’ pictures (which I posted on a previous blog post) but I also started watching 70’s hair commercials paying very close attention to the styles featured but also the type of editing. I decided on four main hairstyles which have a strong 70’s/80’s influence but with a more modern and western twist.



Robbie Augspurger is an important reference for this film as his work captures the feel and vibe I am trying to create. One of my favourite commission pieces was the collation with Balenciaga.

Instead of casting pouty models in glamorous locations, the brand chose to recreate awkward family photos reminiscent of those taken in American mall studios in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The series of photos shows families and couples dressed in ill-fitting blazers, oversized ski jackets and brightly coloured sportswear, posing in front of potted plants and dated studio backgrounds – and holding props, including a trumpet.


Music videos

A list

Tosin Martain – Olo Mi
King Sunny Ade (ablum covers)
Blackmagic – Repete
2 face – African queen // If love is a crimeWizkid – Come closer


I will use this video as a reference for shots and editing.



This video is not only about a very important matter but the simple and beautiful colourway is very effective. In terms of using simple sets and the combination of colours creating a soft and beautiful colour scheme, this video will be a very important reference.

I will use this video as the main source of inspiration when editing my film, I enjoy the colour grading of the video and also the layering creating dimension and textures. I enjoy the experimental take on editing and the very simple set design but effective.


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