I think the problem of the printing was the most diffcult and challenging  and of all the issues we come arocss. The main issue with the printing was that price. As the desgin of the magazine was so specific it was hard to fins companies that carther to what we needed.

The idea that levine came out with was to sprate the magzine to ‘out’  and ‘of’ so that the reader can pick which section their prfered to start with. I then thought a cool way to make that more interactive was to have the same front cover on each part and to make ‘of’ read back to front making them combined together in the middle.

price ?

Finding somehwere that could print such a small amouth of copies for an affordable price was hard (£20 each). On recommandation i found newspaperspaper club whcihc we all agreed was the best option. it worked out for £8 each for one copy. when we later tried to submit a few of our flies were too low of a resolutaion (which was the asecthic we was going for).

Finding a new company?

I spent the whole of my chistmas in london looking for places that could print on newspaper that was within budget but could also ensure the overal quality of the print will come out well but also meet our deadline.

After having no luck and discussing with my group we decided on making the magazine smaller and printing in Vietnam (where Levine knew someone with a printing company) and folding and cutting the magazine ourselves.