Overall I think the magazine produced was successful, they are defiantly things I would improve but with the limited about of time we had to actually produce the actual magazine and print I think we did well as a group.

Throughout the magazine, they are a few spelling mistakes which I belive was due to the rush of printing and not being able to see the sample print and go through it as a group.

We also planned on making a PVC cover to combind both parts if the magazine which we did not have enough time to make. ( we had to make it as our magazine was nt in sndard sizeing)


aside from those few things im happy with the overall production and content within the magzine and I feel our brand is clear.  Working as a group has helped me to learn many things, the processe has allowed me to grow as a person and also give me a look into what the marketing world may be like. The only thing im disappointed in is that i feel that I was unable to do a lot of things (marketing wise) which I had planned to do. This was mainly becasuse as a group non of us stayed in our roles which at first was working but later became very messy. I picked up more of an art diretor role neglecting my actual role of marketing. I spent time planing and story boarding shoots, editing, creating promtional videos and assisting  on shoots. However i feel i still mangaed to effective what I needed to but i know if i focused on just the marketing i would of been able to produce alot more marketing ideas and concepts.

Some marketing ideas I did not compelte:

business cards

desgin and create magazine adverts ( which I would post around university campuses, bus stops , and walls in brighton)

Instagram adverts (paid promtion)

experiment with more ad ideas for each barnd ( to put into the magzine)

visit stores on stocklist ( take pictures, note down footfall)