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reflective project


30 May 2017

Reflective project

Young adults and children have an untarnished mind and understanding the world around us, we are exposed to more cultural viewpoints now, more than ever. We are rebels to society and rebel against social norms and are not scared to challenge perceptions on what masculinity and femininity should look like. This inspired me to create the Acne Studios Teen revolution (TR) sub brand. TR offers gender-natural garments priced at affordable prices with eco friendly processes.
On twitter I came across a discussion where individuals where expressing their opinions on the social construction of sexuality and how we have created ‘labels’ in order to be understood and in a sense excepted almost their peers and the older less liberal generation. This conversation allowed me to understand the struggles and frustrations with the way both men and females are being represented in the media. many young adults feel bullied and pressured into categorising themselves. This became the starting point in creating Teen Revolution. My aim was was to questions how gender identity is currently understood and to create a brand which represents gender fluidity. I realised how rigid society can be in relation to gender libration and how social constraints continue to be prevalent in our everyday lives. During my research I went into a range of stores which were competitors to the Acne studio brand. When I took photographic evidence of the layout and clothing in each store, I everything was categorised by gender. Through analysing the current social constructs of this gender-based oppression, my aim was to create a brand that offered an alternative perspective on gender-neutral clothing. To understand what my target audience wears I looked at Instagram and blogs to look at what’s currently trend I used this research to support my point of how men and women are subjecting the gender norms and using fashion to express this. Through my research I understood how important fabrication and eco friendly processes are becoming to young adults.
The final campaign was a visual representation of the concept of ‘Going back to nature’ and the genderless movement with both the use of styling and the outdoor setting. I allowed natural light to direct me and it lead me on a journey of ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete’. I’ve used my research to lead me throughout this project which has allowed me to create a project that appeals to peoples sense and emotion and reflects an important story which the audience can relate to and understand. Though this process I have realised how important initial research is towards my knowledge and my progress.


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