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For the hair scene, I have started to look into the hairstyles which I want to feature. I looked at my mums’ pictures (which I posted on a previous blog post) but I also started watching 70’s hair commercials paying very close attention to the styles featured but also the type of editing. I decided on four main hairstyles which have a strong 70’s/80’s influence but with a more modern and western twist.



Robbie Augspurger is an important reference for this film as his work captures the feel and vibe I am trying to create. One of my favourite commission pieces was the collation with Balenciaga.

Instead of casting pouty models in glamorous locations, the brand chose to recreate awkward family photos reminiscent of those taken in American mall studios in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The series of photos shows families and couples dressed in ill-fitting blazers, oversized ski jackets and brightly coloured sportswear, posing in front of potted plants and dated studio backgrounds – and holding props, including a trumpet.


Music videos

A list

Tosin Martain – Olo Mi
King Sunny Ade (ablum covers)
Blackmagic – Repete
2 face – African queen // If love is a crimeWizkid – Come closer


I will use this video as a reference for shots and editing.



This video is not only about a very important matter but the simple and beautiful colourway is very effective. In terms of using simple sets and the combination of colours creating a soft and beautiful colour scheme, this video will be a very important reference.

I will use this video as the main source of inspiration when editing my film, I enjoy the colour grading of the video and also the layering creating dimension and textures. I enjoy the experimental take on editing and the very simple set design but effective.


My Mother

I’ve started my research by going home to London and collecting images of my mum from when I was growing up. I tried to collect a collection of images of her in different environments. I want to use these images as a starting point for this project.


Overall I think the magazine produced was successful, they are defiantly things I would improve but with the limited about of time we had to actually produce the actual magazine and print I think we did well as a group.

Throughout the magazine, they are a few spelling mistakes which I belive was due to the rush of printing and not being able to see the sample print and go through it as a group.

We also planned on making a PVC cover to combind both parts if the magazine which we did not have enough time to make. ( we had to make it as our magazine was nt in sndard sizeing)


aside from those few things im happy with the overall production and content within the magzine and I feel our brand is clear.  Working as a group has helped me to learn many things, the processe has allowed me to grow as a person and also give me a look into what the marketing world may be like. The only thing im disappointed in is that i feel that I was unable to do a lot of things (marketing wise) which I had planned to do. This was mainly becasuse as a group non of us stayed in our roles which at first was working but later became very messy. I picked up more of an art diretor role neglecting my actual role of marketing. I spent time planing and story boarding shoots, editing, creating promtional videos and assisting  on shoots. However i feel i still mangaed to effective what I needed to but i know if i focused on just the marketing i would of been able to produce alot more marketing ideas and concepts.

Some marketing ideas I did not compelte:

business cards

desgin and create magazine adverts ( which I would post around university campuses, bus stops , and walls in brighton)

Instagram adverts (paid promtion)

experiment with more ad ideas for each barnd ( to put into the magzine)

visit stores on stocklist ( take pictures, note down footfall)


 For the launch party I created an e-invite with is interactive. You receive the invite via email or a usb sent to your office / work addresses. With the aesthetics I wanted it to be simpler online brand. ( this is one of the first pieces we would put out that gives an look on the style of the magazine) each part of the invite links you t the relative information.
 location – will link you to google maps ( which will only be avablea couple hours before the launch )
name – link you to our website
@ name – linked to instagram
in the centre of the e invite the promational video will play.


I think the problem of the printing was the most diffcult and challenging  and of all the issues we come arocss. The main issue with the printing was that price. As the desgin of the magazine was so specific it was hard to fins companies that carther to what we needed.

The idea that levine came out with was to sprate the magzine to ‘out’  and ‘of’ so that the reader can pick which section their prfered to start with. I then thought a cool way to make that more interactive was to have the same front cover on each part and to make ‘of’ read back to front making them combined together in the middle.

price ?

Finding somehwere that could print such a small amouth of copies for an affordable price was hard (£20 each). On recommandation i found newspaperspaper club whcihc we all agreed was the best option. it worked out for £8 each for one copy. when we later tried to submit a few of our flies were too low of a resolutaion (which was the asecthic we was going for).

Finding a new company?

I spent the whole of my chistmas in london looking for places that could print on newspaper that was within budget but could also ensure the overal quality of the print will come out well but also meet our deadline.

After having no luck and discussing with my group we decided on making the magazine smaller and printing in Vietnam (where Levine knew someone with a printing company) and folding and cutting the magazine ourselves.

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