After talking with Graham I was encouraged to go with the abstract animation ideas which makes me happy as I can leave the drawing behind me! He suggested looking at Len lye. An artist from New Zealand who used innovative and experimental animation in the 1930’s.

I have also discovered Norman MClaren who did similar but he often created his sounds himself  in the 1940’s.

I have been thinking about animating to some music and have contacted an old friend who says I can use his music. I am looking at telling the story of a bad nights sleep. The journey to sleep, the invasive thoughts, the anxiety and worry and the arc of the night until the break of dawn.

Norman Mclaren with sounds he has created



Len Lye ‘Colour Box’

Norman McLaren to music by Oscar Peterson trio.

Colour and form

Starting to think more about colour as I am reading The Secret lives of colour by Kassia St. Clair.

Also looking at colour pallet of different decades.



I accidently stumbled upon Andy Warhols Shadow series whilst googling ‘Shadows’. Never seen it before but love the colours and the dreamy quality of the shadows.

Andy Warhol
Shadows, 1978–79
Installation of 72 of 102 paintings
Acrylic, variously silkscreened and painted on canvas

Artist: John Craxton


Narrative brief 1

Our first brief is to find some text published between 1900-1970 from a library and create a narrative. I have found a poem by D.H Lawrence called ‘People’ I have taken the first stanza and focused on the first few lines.


The great gold apples of night
Hang from the street’s long bough
Dripping their light
On the faces that drift below,
On the faces that drift and blow
Down the night-time, out of sight
In the wind’s sad sough.
The ripeness of these apples of night
Distilling over me
Makes sickening the white
Ghost-flux of faces that hie
Them endlessly, endlessly by
Without meaning or reason why
They ever should be.
I have limited drawing skills as I mainly work in 3D. I was going to make an animation but my lightbox broke so need to find a replacement but in the mean time I am using cut out card and paper and some drawing.

The lines of the poem conjour up images of balls of light, lonely nights, raining dark nights, lingering thoughts at night, worries, shadows in the dark, the negative inner voice, the big gold apples could be thoughts, faces, dreams, gas lights,  New York streets. Dissapointment.

My first thought was to be quite literal and using DH Lawrence’ metaphor for street lights imagined a man unscrewing the lightbulb and it becoming an apple.

I was interested in shadows created by street lights and then the shadow of somebody in a doorway. It could be sinister or represent your inner doubts and fears or be the figure of a loved one saying goodnight. I’m not sure yet.

For some reason it is a bear as I find it hard drawing humans. I liked the bright yellow and black but headed towards a more muted pallete and played with shapes.

Not sure if I prefer the more graphic images or the collaged ones with bits of .









Missed session

So, I missed the Wednesday session with the induction to the photography studio, discussions on the new brief and the lecture by Paul Burgess. However, I did spend it looking for text for the next project and have found some stuff that has piqued my interest but has no relation to my themes of anxiety and links to the modern world. I have watched the amazing documentary, Paris is Burning, about 1980’s origins of vogueing, the ball culture and trans gender living in New York. Amazing film and even more interesting were the stories about the stars of the documentary after filming. Venus Extravaganza was murdered during filming and Dorian Corey had a mummified murdered body in a bag in his flat which was about 20 years old.

Not sure how this relates at all apart from I loved the clothes, the look of the film stock, the characters and seeing life lived on the margins but in the best possible way.


3D Illustration

Chris Sickel’s work is sold as prints, sculptures and books. He also does stop frame animation but I am more interested in the making side of things so am interested to know that he sells prints of stills from movies. Sometimes he makes the scenes as stand alone pieces.


I always loved Jeannie Baker’s books as a child and she makes her relief scenes and photographs them. I also like the fact that she uses only images to tell the story and no text.

Also, recently been introduced to artist Peter Gabrielses. I like his use of lighting and texture in his work and the dramatic, opera set quality to the scenes.