Post presentation and feedback

Gave my presentation and encouraging to hear that people agree that animation is a good way to move forward with project.

Gavin told me about Grace Darling which I looked up and loved the story so I may use this as a mini project starting point.

I also looked at the film ‘Kiss the Water’ about Megan Boyd which has animation sequences. Another great female character.

So my next steps are to start a mini animation project using collage.

The Kindred of Kibbo Kift

Brilliant lecture from Researcher, curator and Author, Annebella Pollen.

What I found most interesting was Annebella’s love of research and detective work involved in her work. The passion and motivation to make all these connections and discoveries was inspiring. The lecture made me realise that it is really important to find out how, what , what, why objects are made and to look deeper into the life story of an object.

From the perspective of my project I found the subject matter really interesting as I have been looking at folklore  and theatre and this group were creating their own mythology and civilization. The fact that they drew inspiration from the Mummer plays and valued puppetry and costume making skills within their small community is interesting. They wrote plays and storytelling was a valued  past time.

Tutorials and lecture

After our tutorials today I feel confident that I am moving in the right direction and I am feeling happier about where I seem to be heading.

I have decided that making, creating and crafting scenes, puppets and props is where I will be heading. Costume and masks and placement in scenarios, character studies and imaginary worlds are all featuring. Music and lighting will be important too.

Animated , photographed or filmed is a way I could go to document it all. Looking at Madame Yvonde, Pagan costumes, Paul Klee puppets, Folklore and Aesops fables.

Graham pointed me towards Bread and Puppet company who offer a very tantalising residency program.  I am reading books on performance and the art of slowing down. I visited Brighton’s toy museum which was really interesting. I am planning a trip to V&A Museum of childhood, Pollocks Toy Museum in London.




Slowing down and creativity.

I am intrigued by the level of connections and humanness the Slow TV documentary inspired and found it very moving to see the community together in this journey. It would be interesting to see the science behind audiences, collective emotional responses etc. I am always moved to tears when I hear an audience clapping because of the act of collective emotion.


Podcast Pick: Can Slowing Down Make You More Creative?

Collective Emotions