Hastings contemporary visit

A visit to my local art gallery was worth it for the incredible Stephen Chambers etchings . I love the painting also but the etchings were so magical. other work by Quentin Blake was moving. The graphic work of a female artist, Lakwena Maciver was less interesting to me but great colours.


Stephen Chambers had created a court made of entirely fictional characters of an Island in the Carribean. I was  thinking about my favourite movies or books ,they are usually set in imaginary worlds with a lot of lore and history that is embedded in the story for the real avid fans! Films such as Star Wars , The Dark Crystal, Lord of the rings etc. I love that Stephen Chambers has created this impressive body of work for this imaginary court of vagabonds, artists and outsiders.

His Etchings are beautiful and are from a series called ‘We bite and Sting’


Work from Lakwena Mciver which is amazing and vibrant and so precise but doesn’t make me stop and stare.


Since Lockdown began I have been making felted animals to sell in galleries, set painting , teaching online art classes, running school art groups, making work for the Del la Warr Pavilion foyer and many other small things!



some of this has started to become interesting as I have found myself making puppet/ art dolls of local men in Old town of Hastings, where I live. I am slowly working towards making a stop motion animation and I feel like I am slowly setting it up to become a reality. I am improvising at the moment but think a story needs to be told.

Men of the old town

MSL commission

I was commissioned to make a digital artwork by MSL Projects. Having never done this before It was quite a challenge. I made 5 pieces using  a combination of stop motion animation, found slides and negatives, overhead projector and found objects. It was then messed about with in imovie and VSCO on the ipad. The music are just snippets of instrumental versions of the songs written and performed by Chris Thorpe-Tracey.

The brief was to respond to the composer’s Chris Thorpe- Tracey’s commissioned album, ‘A Derelict Chorale’ inspired by the America Ground in Hastings. A commission by MSL projects for Arts Festival, Coastal Currents.

Arts Council Funded.



JJ Waller

My daughter and I were photographed by Photographer JJ Waller for his series of Lockdown isolation photos. The window is the barrier between normal life, our old life before Covid-19. I particularly like this composition and it’s graphic quality. It is also true that ,although I live with my daughter, she is 16 and doesn’t spend much time in the same room as me! I live in a tiny house but she still manages to avoid me.



Windows in film development

Discovered an artist called Jason Shulman who uses every frame of a film to create a new image. I think the images are really quite beautiful and haunting. The condensing of the film into one frame is such a clever thing to do. I am not sure how it was done.

London-based sculptor Jason Shulman has captured a range of classic films including Fantasia, Citizen Kane and 2001: A Space Odyssey in a single image. “There are roughly 130,000 frames in a 90 minute film,” says the artist. “Every frame of each film is recorded in these photographs. You could take all these frames and shuffle them like a deck of cards, and no matter what the shuffle, you would end up with the same image I have arrived at. Each of these photographs is the genetic code of a film – its visual DNA.”



Here is Rear Window. You can see the image of Jimmy Stewart as a blur.

Wizard of Oz The technicolour of the film is visable.


A Space Odyssey 2001 I love this, it looks like a fresco or The Last Supper.


I was actually looking at the character, HAL in Space Odyssey when I discovered this artist. I think it is really interesting that one of the main characters in that film is a tiny window! I love Stanley Kubrick’s set design in this film, his use of reflective light and reflections on glass.

Hal from 2001- A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick