Pillar[n]arene May Day update

To celebrate May Day I have updated the list of papers on pillar[n]arenes and related macrocycles. As always, please let me know of any omissions and I will add them next time.

Pillar[n]arene December update

Since I last posted an update earlier this year, over 50 new pillar[5]arene papers have appeared! The December update includes all that I could find but if I have missed any, please let me know!

Pillar[n]arene update

Now that lecturing and laboratory demonstrating has finished for the year I have finally found time to update the list of papers and reviews of pillar[5]arenes. There is even a book on pillar[n]arenes!

Pillar[n]arene papers – July update

After a superb Calix 2015 conference in Sicily, where I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoki Ogoshi and Ying-Wei Yang, I have finally found time to update my list of pillar[n]arene papers again.