Dates for meetings

Here are the dates for next year’s meetings: the topics of some are TBC

All the sessions are currently booked in Robert Dodd room 120.


5th September: 2-4pm

Kitty Suddick:

Tackling hermeneutics within a hermeneutic phenomenological study


17th September: 3-5pm        

Zoe Boden:

The use of drawings and multi-modal approach. 


20th November: 10-12am     

Diana Ramsey:

Hermeneutic Phenomenology and inclusive research


9th January 10-12 TBC

25th February 2-4 TBC

29th April 10-12 TBC


11th June: 2-4

Thelma Lackey:

‘Reflection on methods of a hermeneutic phenomenological study’  



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