BSS and NSS Survey

Unless you have been avoiding emails, not coming into university and not talking to  anyone in the School you will, no doubt, be aware that the all undergraduate students are being asked to give their feedback on their university experience to date via either the Brighton Student Survey or the National Student Survey. This feedback is extremely important to both the school and university and helps us make changes for you.

You can read about some of the changes we made this academic year as a consequence of feedback from last year please do have a look at the your voice matters blog ( )

The Brighton Student Survey (BSS)

The BSS is the School and University’s main opportunity to gather feedback from all level 4 and 5 students so that we can understand what we are doing well and what we can improve.  The BSS is opened on Monday 6 February and will close at midnight on Monday 6 March, if you haven’t yet, please do take 10 minutes to complete the survey – there are only a few days left and every response matters. Completing the survey automatically enters you into a prize draw with the opportunity to win a £200 voucher from the university.

How do I complete the survey?

The National Student Survey (NSS)

The National Student Survey (NSS) is commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and is a national survey, undertaken by Ipsos MORI, which gathers the views of all final year undergraduates about what it has been like to study their course at their institution.

The survey comprises 27 questions in the survey cover teaching, assessment and feedback, learning opportunities, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, personal development, and the student voice. There are also questions about careers, course delivery, work placements, welfare resources and facilities, social opportunities and overall satisfaction.

How do I complete the survey?

Because the school would really like to receive feedback from as many students as possible we have decided to donate £100 to the student society associated with the course that has the highest proportion of their students completing both the BSS and NSS so your society could receive up to £200 for 10 minutes of your time.

Welcome to the Pharmacy Society!

Our aim is to create a fun memorable experience for all pharmacy students. Throughout the year we will be holding social events including the meet and greet, pub crawl, pharmacy ball and many others to help integrate all 4 years.

We understand the demands of being a pharmacy student and also recognise the amazing support and networking opportunities socialising with that pharmacy students can bring. As a society we aim to support you in any way we can. Feel free to ask us any questions whether  general or pharmacy related.

Make sure you keep up to date with news, events and work experience opportunities on our social media pages!

You can contact us via our Facebook (UoB Pharmacy Society), Twiiter (@UoBPharmSoc), Snapchat: uobpharmacysociety, email: or by messaging a member of the society committee.

Summer Placement at Barts Health NHS Trust

Summer students based at RLH All Barts Health summer studentsI spent 4 weeks as a summer student at the Royal London Hospital. Rotating weekly through admissions, surgery and ITU, paediatrics, and renal medicine, I gained a lot of clinical knowledge by shadowing and learning from pharmacists and going on ward rounds. It was great to observe pharmacists working together in a multidisciplinary team to provide patient-centred care. I also had the opportunity to screen drug charts using specialist resources like ‘The Renal Drug Database’ and the ‘Handbook on Injectable Drugs’.

Working with the other summer students was really interesting, and we all went out for dinner at the end of the placement. Everyone from pharmacy team was very welcoming and helpful and the time just flew by… time flies when you’re having fun!


Prijay Bakrania, 3rd year MPharm student

My First Clinical Intervention

“Whilst on my 3rd year clinical placement, I saw a patient with renal failure. Looking at her drug chart, I realised that one of her medications, rivaroxaban, was unsuitable. I searched through various NICE guidelines and came up with a solution: switch the rivaroxaban to apixaban. I discussed this with my supervising pharmacist and decided monitoring requirements.”

“With the pharmacist present, I made the recommendation to the junior doctor in charge of the patient, ensuring to get across what I wanted to say and to stay on topic throughout the meeting.”

“I felt proudest after seeing ‘pharmacy recommended changing rivaroxaban to apixaban’ in her medical notes and seeing her amended drug chart!”

Prijay Bakrania, 3rd year MPharm student


An amazing array of final year projects on display

sampleIn the last few days final year MPharm students have been displaying the efforts they have made in their final year projects. Students presented posters on their research topic and it was clear to see the wide breath and quality of the science on display. Research areas spanned pharmaceutical science, diabetes, pharmacology, business, pharmacy education, pharmacy practice, clinical audits and many more.

Poster day is a celebration of student achievement and is an opportunity for students to showcase their hard efforts over the academic year and discuss their work with fellow students and staff. It is a moment in the calendar all staff look forward to and enjoy in celebrating students efforts as they near graduation.

You can see the wide spread of posters from the following link and maybe even vote for your favourite!!


Community spirit between pharmacy students

100_5543Being in the final year of the course has made me realise that the thing I am going to miss most about university is the interaction I have with other students. And I don’t only mean my friends, I mean all the pharmacy students I’ve met. Pharmacy here at the University of Brighton feels like a community to me. Not only, have I formed relationships with fellow students on my year of the course, but I also met new people from other years of the course and started forming a network. Often we share advice and experience between students from years 1 to 4 in the degree course and support one another. It is that feeling of being part of a group that made my student experience at the University of Brighton so special. Watch out for us in the library and come and have a chat!

Kleopatra Kampoura, 4th Year Pharmacy student


Second Student Interprofessional Education and Practice Conference 2016

All final year Pharmacy students are expected to attend one of the two conferences offered this year (interprofessional education is considered of key importance by the General Pharmaceutical Council). This one will be of particular interest as has the theme of caring for an ‘Ageing’ population, but also features some general wellbeing workshops. The use of patients and social work ‘clients’ in ‘facilitated workshops’ is useful in seeing the ‘service users’ perspective of professional practice.

Workshops include:

  • Ageing and disability
  •  Compassion in health and social care
  • Dealing with stress
  • Wellbeing
  • Disability
  • dementia

To attend please register on-line at:

Registration is open now.

Boosting the fight against cancer

The university has been awarded £148,600 to find new ways to deliver anti-cancer properties from the spice turmeric to prevent or treat the disease.

Scientists will be working with collaborators in Vietnam where the climate and soil on higher ground is suitable to cultivate Curcuma longa from which turmeric, used in cooking in India and south Asia as well as in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, is derived. The funding has come from the Newton Institutional Links, part of the UK’s official development assistance programme and which provides grants for the development of research and innovation collaborations between the UK and partner countries.

Members of the University of Brighton’s drug delivery research group, Professor John Smart and Dr Ananth Pannala, will work with the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology on formulating curcumin preparations to be manufactured in Vietnam and marketed globally.

Professor Smart said: “Curcumin has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities and has been used for the prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration and cardiovascular disease.

“It is poorly absorbed when given as a tablet or capsule, its limited solubility being a major factor. This work will develop a curcumin-containing tablet or capsule using soluble carriers or dispersible oils that are acceptable, stable and optimise bioavailability.”

For more information on our research in this area visit

Lively debates at the Inter-professional Education meetings

AIMG_20151016_124350010s part of the Pharmacy course, we run annual events that bring together healthcare professionals from various courses within the university. In some of our recent events, 2nd and 3rd year Pharmacy students have been working together with medical students from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School on clinical scenarios.IMG_20151016_121118772_HDR

These session not only brought together lively debates and solutions to the problem in hand but helped students to form relationships and understand their integral roles as part of a healthcare team that supports patient care.