Summer Placement at Barts Health NHS Trust

Summer students based at RLH All Barts Health summer studentsI spent 4 weeks as a summer student at the Royal London Hospital. Rotating weekly through admissions, surgery and ITU, paediatrics, and renal medicine, I gained a lot of clinical knowledge by shadowing and learning from pharmacists and going on ward rounds. It was great to observe pharmacists working together in a multidisciplinary team to provide patient-centred care. I also had the opportunity to screen drug charts using specialist resources like ‘The Renal Drug Database’ and the ‘Handbook on Injectable Drugs’.

Working with the other summer students was really interesting, and we all went out for dinner at the end of the placement. Everyone from pharmacy team was very welcoming and helpful and the time just flew by… time flies when you’re having fun!


Prijay Bakrania, 3rd year MPharm student

My First Clinical Intervention

“Whilst on my 3rd year clinical placement, I saw a patient with renal failure. Looking at her drug chart, I realised that one of her medications, rivaroxaban, was unsuitable. I searched through various NICE guidelines and came up with a solution: switch the rivaroxaban to apixaban. I discussed this with my supervising pharmacist and decided monitoring requirements.”

“With the pharmacist present, I made the recommendation to the junior doctor in charge of the patient, ensuring to get across what I wanted to say and to stay on topic throughout the meeting.”

“I felt proudest after seeing ‘pharmacy recommended changing rivaroxaban to apixaban’ in her medical notes and seeing her amended drug chart!”

Prijay Bakrania, 3rd year MPharm student