A Lerian adventure begins! Greek Field trip pilot is on the go…

Dear Philosopher,

The date is set the tickets are booked! The Postgraduate SaSM Leros team has already accepted the mission.  Our mission? To research assess and deliver sustainable tourism, events and hospitality proposals to the island of Leros, Greece!

Three postgraduate students have accepted the challenge and will be escorted by Dr Ioannis S Pantelidis, to the island near the end of March 2016.

leros field trip team

The researchers are (left to right): Kris, Mattia and Sharmaine

They all bring a wealth of experience and research ability in events and tourism & hospitality but most importantly they bring a fresh outlook and an unbiased approach to the tourism and hospitality product of Leros island.

In their own words, Kris said “ The moment Ioannis presented the proposal for research in Leros, I already envisioned myself being part of the team, doing the field research and presenting it to the stakeholders!”

Mattia said ”This is a new opportunity to challenge myself with something useful and different

And Sharmaine’s thoughts were “ Looking forward to being part of something special

Already the team has had two meetings and have regular meetings planned as they are continually researching and analysing the PESTLE elements of their mission.

We already have had communications with a number of stakeholders on the island and we hope that although this is a pilot field trip it will provide the basis for many field trips for future cohorts of postgraduate students.

Frankly I couldn’t be any more excited about the opportunities and adventures ahead of us!

Yours truly


Unsung Heroes!

Dear Philosopher,

there are many unsung heroes in our school. People you would probably never hear about but PGmoments is here to change all that.  Today we are celebrating three unsung heroes that in one way or another have contributed positively to postgraduate students experience.


Merz at work

Merz, is one of those colleagues that turns dust to gold. And by dust I mean unorganized academic ideas into patterns of greatness!  She has been the glue that held together many conferences at SaSM on top of other research related tasks.  Some of those conferences directly benefited both our postgraduate taught and research students.


Linda B!

Linda, will help you out if you wish to use the CAS lab, she is also the wizard of supplies and can bake some “mean” cakes, or help prepare some great socials (such as the cheese and wine).




Alex at Hillbrow

The Hillbrow reception is the key location of operations relating to handing in work that can not be electronically handed.  There are many colleagues that are really helpful there but Alex will always seek to help you delivering a fantastic smile at the same time.  And on a busy, rainy day a smiling admin colleague is a welcomed addition to any postgraduate student’s day!

There are many other unsung heroes and I will try to find the time to tell you more about them but if you have one you wish to talk about, this blog is an open platform for any PG student to either share your ideas, views or praise someone that was really helpful to you.

Speak to any of the course leaders or Ioannis if you wish to contribute here, we would love to hear from you. And that goes to alumni too! Do you wish to share memories? PGmoments is here to host your little pearls of eras gone by!

Yours truly









There are 3 paths and you must chose one, or do you?

Dear Philosopher

3 paths on the grass

Choices are abundant

I hope you are well. Do you feel you have just survived or that you thrived this week? Are you almost there and ready to enjoy the weekend?

Do you remember this quote?

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Red Queen – Alice in Wonderland.

Does it feel like that right now? You are not alone if it does, we also feel the same, but we have experience that you have yet to accumulate. We push through the pain to find the light at the end of the tunnel, the ultimate reward at the peak of the mountain of knowledge.  Just remember from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep you have choices. Do not let others drag you into the illusion that you do not.   See those three paths in the image above? Are they really 3 paths? Did you see 3 paths because I told you that is what they are?  Question yourself, question your peers, question your tutors, question traditional knowledge, test and re-test and then CHOSE!  Just chose with the conviction and energy that you know you have.

dirty shoes

Some times you just have to get your shoes wet and dirty…

 Just remember that all those choices do have a price, and some times you just have to get your shoes both wet and dirty…

Yours truly,


PS. Remember the DENBIES ESTATE field trip on the 16th of October! See the emails from Clare and Karen and book yourself a space if you havent done so already. Its going to be a super fun and very educational day out!

PS2. Thank you for your wonderful comments about the induction week. You can see a blog-post with some of your quotes in the SaSM main blog, by clicking here.