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Dear Philosopher as promised I am uploading some of my photos in this blog post. But FIRST….drumroll….coming soon at a theatre near you…!   I hope you had a great couple of days and that you are energised about the days … Continue reading

The grass is always greener on this side of the fence!

Dear Philosopher


Dark Thursday

A couple of posts ago, I did say that things could turn grey in the middle of the week but that the Sunshine would come back by the end of the week didn’t I?

Well this is what Wednesday and Thursday looked like…


sunny panorama

Sunny Friday!

But by Friday the Sun was out strong and ready to give all newcomer students a bright weekend welcome!green grass

These are the kind of days where you realize that the grass is literally greener on this side of the fence!



But I think that at some point I promised you some seaside photos so here are some.  And this is the real reason I find Eastbourne so welcoming…sea 1 sea2








In the town  the Eastbourne Bonfire society was drumming away:

drumersHere is their flyer if you enjoy bonfires and fireworks:


Fireworks and bonfire


By 2 pm we had a few moments of weird clouds and the seagulls looked worried, but soon the sky cleared again. seagull

I hope that a lot of you are already here enjoying the beautiful sunny days before induction.  This past week has been tough for all of us.  You are probably tired from traveling trying to get here, whilst we are all tired from the pre-induction preparations.  We both needed a good rest and some sunshine, so that we are ready for Monday, and the Sunshine coast has not let us down.

The forecast looks great for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (not so good for the rest of the week but we can’t have it all), and we have a great induction programme ready for you with some great and exciting surprises in store for you!

See you soon.


Why are you calling us Philosophers?

Dear Philosopher

Sailing the Aegean

Sailing the Aegean

I think its time I explain why I call you that…

I am a Greek islander, a friend of Odysseus and Laertis, an old islander soul if you like.  I have been sailing in the Aegean and the English Channel of knowledge for some time now.

So  I use it with the origin of the word (not how it has been manipulated by some academics in the last century).

Philosopher = Seaker of Knowledge, friend of wisdom. (Philos=friend,  Sophia= wisdom)

from Old English philosophe, from Latin philosophus “philosopher,” from Greek philosophos”philosopher,sage, one who speculates on the nature of things and truth,”literally “lover of wisdom,”

I have met many a proclaimed “Philosophers” who do not understand what it means to live and breath the thirst for knowledge.  And I have met many of your so proclaimed “Students” that have taught me so much!

And I continue to learn with you and from you!

And it is my sincere hope that whilst you will learn from us we will also be surprised yet again this year by your wisdom and your thirst for knowledge.

Yours truly


Have a great International student week.

Dear Philosopher,

only one week to go, and this week is International student week.  There are a lot of you who come from other countries, I was once one of you… Excited and scared at the same time, I remember vividly the mixed emotions.  But forget your fears and cling on to the excitement, make friends and learn from each other. You never know the person sitting next to you may be your future business partner!

Now I know the weather doesn’t look too good for Monday and Tuesday and you may be thinking, where is this Sunshine coast they promised?  Do not worry it will clear out by midweek and we did have a glorious weekend.  Here is some evidence of that:

eastbourne from downs

Eastbourne from the downs

eastbourne from Downs 2

Eastbourne views from the Downs 2

wild bee chilling

A wild bee, is chilling sipping ouzo…er I mean..you know what I mean…

Life is good when you are a wild bee, or a PG student at Eastbourne! In case you are still unsure about the orientation week click here for more information.

Enjoy the week.

Yours truly


Another beautiful and busy day! (You are here – the graduate & research center)

Dear Philosopher

DCIM100GOPROWelcome to the Graduate Center, the hub of most of our postgraduate learning & teaching, research activities and other related activities (such as drinking coffee – lots of coffee)!  In case you are lost YOU ARE HERE!  —->


Another very busy week is almost at an end.  Whilst Lecturers finalise module handbooks, and everyone is gearing up for the induction week, our estates team is putting the final touches installing new technology in many of our rooms.

DCIM100GOPROhere  you see them in action setting up your very own Postgraduate suite!  This is a suite for the exclusive use of our Postgraduates and PhD students!

Only Postgrad and above type of brains allowed here… 🙂




Here is an outside shot of the Postgraduate Suite, it is still called lower sussex suite because we tried a naming competition last year and no real innovative name turned up. Perhaps this year the PG cohort will deliver its name in an informal but loving way… You know the way you kindly name things you learn to love…

And here is the view from one of our PhD labs. Sorry about the bad light, I am using a GoPro for most of my pictures so do not expect great photography skills from an adventurous academic like myself. Oh I almost forgot, do not forget to ask one of us about PhD opportunities!





Here you see one of my favourite corners, I often come here for a break and to gaze out to the sea. On a beautiful day the blue horizon will relax even the most stressed of minds.

I better disappear now as I have yet to finish reviewing my own allocation of modules.

Be well and keep on philosophising life!

Yours truly


End of a great week for PG!


Dear Philosophers,

I am not sure where time goes these days… its already Friday and we are reaching the end of the first two weeks of September!

Strangely though it feels much longer than merely two weeks.  The PG Team has been working hard preparing for your arrival.  In these two weeks we achieved quite a lot for the Postgraduate Taught:

  • The PG module  handbooks are been finalised.
  • The PG student handbook was finalised and uploaded on student central.
  • The PG welcome event budget was set and organisations are on the way.
  • The PG induction programme is complete.
  • Two early bird PG students course had a day of a PG experience with us.
  • This PG focused blog was created
  • We welcomed two new members of staff that join the PG teaching team.
  • The PG team had a great away day, focusing on this years strategy.

Not long now till the orientation week for International students  ( click here for more info ) and then one week later induction week begins!

Thats it for now, till we meet again.

Yours truly


It is the Sunshine Coast after all!

Well it’s been only a day since the last post (we did not part for long after all) but on my way to work this morning I saw something and just could not resist. Sunshine till your eye can see!  Another gorgeous day so I had to stop and take evidence not just for you but

also for me… for those gloomy winter evenings. A reminder that the good times are always just a breath away!


And in case you were wondering what our office views might be like, here is a shot from Clare’s office ( Clare is the Course Leader for the Tourism courses).


And a final moment with my trusty go-pro!


May the Sunshine be with you all, always!

Yours truly


It’s a wonderful PG world out there!


Dear Philosopher

Photo on 09-09-2015 at 08.56

Eastbourne skyline!

Welcome to a wonderful world full of sunshine (both literal and metaphorical).  You are merely beginning your new (postgraduate) adventure and as any great adventurer you will need companionship. So this blog will try to be that companion and will keep you updated with upcoming PG events, photos and videos from past PG events.

I hope to keep it updated at least twice every month and who knows you may even get to contribute your story.   For now I shall let you continue your journey till our paths join again.  But before we part I give you a small gift… this image. Not a great quality, I grant you that, but its the thought that matters.  This very morning I saw this colorful skyline of Eastbourne and thought to myself…  What a great place to begin a Philosophers adventure!

Yours truly