Part-time students elsewhere

Part-time research students/staff will be happy to know the part-time student Sharepoint, Outlook Group and Yammer are now accessible to students with a email address. Previously, these groups have only been accessible to those with a email address.

To join the Outlook Group you will need to join the Sharepoint group. This is because the Outlook Group portal is still only viewable to those with a email address. However, all other people can view discussions via email. If you’re having issues joining any of the groups please get in touch.

Also, the Elections are still open for nominations. If you’d like to represent the Student Union there is still time to stand.

Autumn Elections!


Autumn Elections are now open. As well as Part Time Students’ Officer, there are the other following positions available:

  • Disabled Students’ Officer (Women’s)
  • Women’s Officer (BME)
  • Postgraduate Students Officer
  • Mature Students’ Officer
  • International Students’ Officer
  • NUS Conference Delegates

If you would like to stand for any of the above positions you can do so through the Students’ Union website

You can also nominate a friend