My first fortnight

Thank you to all who voted for me. I’ve now been an elected officer for two weeks. I thought I’d start this post with an About Me and my plans for the future.
My name is Nina and I’m a PGCert Inclusive Arts Practice student. I applied to University of Brighton in autumn 2013 and first began working in the Alumni office the following spring (where I continued to work for three years). In 2014, when I was due to start my undergraduate degree, it was cancelled so I deferred for a year. The following year I withdrew from the degree after two bereavements so I reapplied to do a PGCert as I had my heart set on postgraduate study. Luckily I was accepted and decided to study part-time. I am doing my PGCert over two years rather than one (which is unusual for my course).

When I’m not at university I am blogging (personally and professionally) and working at another university in a nearby county. I love working in education which is why I wanted to get involved with the Students’ Union.

I have stood for the Students’ Union election on four seperate occasions:

My plans for the role are defined by you, the members. If you have any issues or suggestions you’d like me to put forward to the staff of the Students’ Union please let me know.

I’d like to meet as many members as possible so I can find out what you’d like to see from the Students’ Union.

My contact details are accessible to staff and students at Mysite.


Part-time students elsewhere

Part-time research students/staff will be happy to know the part-time student Sharepoint, Outlook Group and Yammer are now accessible to students with a @brighton.ac.uk email address. Previously, these groups have only been accessible to those with a @uni.brighton.ac.uk email address.

To join the Outlook Group you will need to join the Sharepoint group. This is because the Outlook Group portal is still only viewable to those with a @uni.brighton.ac.uk email address. However, all other people can view discussions via email. If you’re having issues joining any of the groups please get in touch.

Also, the Elections are still open for nominations. If you’d like to represent the Student Union there is still time to stand.


Autumn Elections!

source: brightonsu.com/blogs/blog/Brighton%20Students’%20Union%20Blog/2017/08/21/

Autumn Elections are now open. As well as Part Time Students’ Officer, there are the other following positions available:

  • Disabled Students’ Officer (Women’s)
  • Women’s Officer (BME)
  • Postgraduate Students Officer
  • Mature Students’ Officer
  • International Students’ Officer
  • NUS Conference Delegates

If you would like to stand for any of the above positions you can do so through the Students’ Union website brightonsu.com/elections

You can also nominate a friend brightonsu.com/elections/nominatefriend

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