Self Portrait Photo Strips

Today, I completed the last of my self portrait strips as scheduled, withe the last one taking place on the day before the deadline. The initial concept was to subvert my usual role as photographer by putting me in the place of the subject/model and to see how I respond to this task. I have actually kind of enjoyed the process considering I usually object to having my photo taken, I think this is due to the fact that although I am the subject I am also the director. I am still in control of my own image and how I want to be perceived. It was difficult to apply my eye as a photographer to myself, as I approach and view models differently to how I view myself. I see models in a more desirable and positive light so applying this was a great exercise and confidence boost. Only having myself as a subject also prompted me to get more creative as time went by. In the fourth strip along I took to including my props. The final strip I staged as a countdown with my eyes closed at the end, this is signify the countdown to the end of the project and subsequently the end of my degree. I think my project has had a really personal element run throughout it and I think the introduction of these self portrait strips compliments and supports this element. I think using a nostalgic medium like photo booths really enhances the theme and tone of my project. I also think its a unique approach as I have subverted the standard of of simply taking photos removing myself as photographer and taking on more of a directors role

Now that I have a wide range of photo strips I can design their layout and and decide how they fit into my graduate show presentation.

Olivia Ezechukwu

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