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As posted previously on my blog, I have had other opportunities to shoot content outside of my FMP that I think has supported and influenced my work. It’s important to me to document all the photographic work I have done during this period to show my progression as a photographer and ability to work in the industry. Also, seeing as the majority of my work in this project was not advertised based or suitable to be used for advertorials, it’s important to show that I am capable of creating such work. Below are images from some paid photo work I have undertaken alongside my FMP.

Nina Gabbana Vintage –  Online vintage retailer based in Paris. They sell vintage Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Prada and Dior. I was commissioned to shoot some promo images in collaboration with the owner Nina acting as stylist. One image was subsequently used as the header for her website and others were posted across her Instagram to advertise her shop. I was really pleased withe outcome of the images and it was very flattering to be commissioned by someone like Nina as I had followed her shop for years and always wanted to shoot some of her products. I think this shoot also improved my photographic skills as I was challenged to capture new angles and interact withe two very different models. I wasn’t originally pleased with the results as it didn’t match how I envisioned it in my head. This prompted me to vow to take a more considered and slower approach in future shoots so I get the results I want. However, Nina was very pleased with them and after selecting and editing them I like them a lot, specifically the last image which is a personal favourite. This shoot definitely helped my personal development as a photographer and improved my communication skills as I interacted with a client.




Ezah Ikuy –  Womenswear and jewellery brand I was commissioned to shoot for. I have previously mentioned this shoot on my blog, but I have included it as a refresher. I was asked to shoot several promotional images to provide the brand with Instagram content






This was another moment that boosted my confidence as a photographer as it was a brand I admired reaching out to me with paid work. I think shooting jewellery was a new experience for me and gave me a new perspective as a photographer. I had to consider my shots a lot more to capture the pieces at the right angle or in the right light. I spent a lot of time adjusting pieces and making sure they didn’t get lost and overwhelmed by other elements in the image. So, I would say that this shoot improved my confidence and skill as a photographer.


Ultimately, I think shooting these projects has affected my FMP positively as its improved my eye and confidence as a photographer which in turn has improved the quality and visuals of my FMP photo shoots.


Olivia Ezechukwu

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