Album and Yearbook Reflection

Below are photos of my completed Yearbook and Album pieces. My yearbook arrived in the post yesterday from Mixam and I am so happy with the quality and outcome! They sent me three copies instead of the two I paid for which is an added bonus. The design is just as I pictured and there seems to be no printing errors which means I prepared the document correctly. It a relief to have this all correct and delivered before the deadline as it now gives me more time to refine other aspects of my project.  The silk 170gsm paper I chose for the book to be printed on compliments the quality of the images and definitely gives it that authentic yearbook feeling as it reminded me of my own school yearbook. The only thing I am critical of is the grey marble pattern printed on the inside pages, it did not print as perfectly as envisioned or with the desired texture. However, it doesn’t look pix elated or out of place so I am ultimately happy and I can check it off as another thing completed.


Below is my other final piece which presents my other shoot in the context of a family photo album. Like my yearbook, I am pleased with the design and quality. I sourced the vintage photo album from a shop on Etsy and got it shipped from Sweden. It’s in amazing condition, but still has that musty old smell which is good as it adds to the authenticity. I ordered the prints of my work and sourced the complimenting images for this piece some time ago and put it together mid April. So, I am in the final stages of refining it by removing additional pages from the back and including an index which credits each image. This is something I will undertake today so I can mark this piece as finished.



Ultimately, I am very happy with these pieces. I think they communicate my them effectively as photo albums and yearbooks are symbolic of nostalgia. Then when the content is viewed I think it will be relatable to the audience and invoke nostalgia, as most people will recall having a school portrait taken or a family snapshot. I think having two pieces in book format is also good as it invites the audience to come have a look and physically engage with the images. This will compliment the wall display of images which are not so tactile.

Olivia Ezechukwu

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