Graduate Show Ideas

Today I did some experimenting in how I intend to present my content at the graduate show. I played with the idea of collage to show all my images at once, they present as more personal collection. I think the piece is quite busy and overwhelming which I think reflects how memories and nostalgia can be quite overwhelming and emotional. However, I don’t think these pieces are successful, I think they are much too cluttered and don’t give enough power and impact. After looking at Wolfgang Tillman’s work yesterday too, I think it would be better to go for something more spacious and considered. In this piece I have also included personal photographs that I have taken throughout the duration of this project. The intention is to combine the work I have created on nostalgia with my own significant memories to add a personal element to the project which is something I was interested in doing since the research project. I think it will give the audience a greater understanding of who I am as an artist and communicate the power and variety of nostalgia.

Tomorrow I intend to do some more presentation plans to create some better options  which communicate my theme with subtlety. I need to complete a plan soon as I need to factor in the time it takes to order prints so they arrive in time for the deadline. I will be printing my work in varying scales withe at least one piece at A1 so I will need to consider the price of this and whether it will fit into my budget.


Olivia Ezechukwu

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