Jenny Holzer – Tate Modern Artist Rooms

Jenny Holzer – Whilst in London visiting the Martin Parr exhibition I also took some time to go to the Tate Modern and see the artist room dedicated to Jenny Holzer. Holzer is an American conceptual artist whose work focuses on delivering words and ideas within public spaces. Her work often includes messages relating to feminism and her contemporaries are the likes of Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger who also explore this topic through their work. Her work focuses on the power of the word and how this effects society which makes the public dimension to her work essential, so a variety of viewers can react to it. This has resulted in Holzer projecting pieces on billboards, displaying on large scale billboards, pasting posters around the city and more recently using LED displays. I admire Holzer’s work as I like the power and impact she gives to seemingly simple words. The way she displays sentiments seems standard and thoughtless to many however Holzer carefully considers the font, colour palette, material and method of display for each of her pieces so that it has the best effect on the spectator. Seeing her work was good inspiration for my own project as it has made me think more carefully about the curation of my own work. What typeface am I going to use in my yearbook piece and why? What impact does it have? And how can it give the piece am more authentic feeling? I want to include fake senior quotes based on nostalgia and memory next to each student portrait in my yearbook piece. Seeing how Holzer has displayed words sentiments so boldly and effectively will help me decide how to communicate my own.

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Olivia Ezechukwu

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