Photo Booth Experiments

On Monday 1st I decided to do some tests for my photo booth shoot. The idea was to create a strip which represented your identity, how you want to be preserved and immortalised photographically. Photo booths as I mentioned before are very self directed, the components are limited to a stationary camera so the subject has total creative control. I decided to insert myself into this project through the photo booth, to me it is the perfect way to capture who I am at the time of making this project. In a sense by creating these strips I am creating a way to invoke nostalgia for the project. I have also enlisted the help of my close friend Holly Temple to create her own photo strip which captures who she is at the time of this project. Our friendship has grown through the duration of this project and she has helped inspire and assist a lot of my ideas, so I think its important to highlight and preserve this through the photo booth.  We did our own solitary strips, to showcase how we direct ourselves and create four images which reflect how we want to be remembered. Then we did several strips in collaboration to reflect how we react to each other and showcase our bond and again how we want it to be preserved. I think the results are great, my strip certainly reflects who I am, as I thought carefully about how I want to be perceived and remembered.. The first square shows my profession and passion by showing me holding a camera. The second I am trying to allude to my intense dislike for being photographed by covering the camera. The third I am trying to show my love for my earrings which have strong sentimental value and have become a part of me as I purchased them with the money from my first paid photography job. And the final image I am alluding to how I want to be perceived as cool and attractive like a lot of people do.

It was a lot of fun creating these series of strips and I think the visual quality of them invokes that sense of nostalgia. I like the concept of self direction in the images and the freedom the photo booth gives you in deciding what you want to remember, what parts of you that you want to capture visually. I also think the photo booth gives you a lot of room to experiment and play with a variety of ideas, its really such a great tool for self expression and collaboration. I also like the level of intimacy that it involves, being squashed into a small space with someone it creates a sense of warmth and familiarity. I hope to do some more strips in the next few weeks with myself and other people at the centre of my life. I think there is something interesting in capturing who is important to me at the time of this project and focusing on how we react to each other when challenged with preserving our friendship photographically. It would be good to compare strips with other friends to these to see the differences in tone, energy and composition.

Moving forward I need to organise for more people to use the booth under my direction and to enrich the concept of this piece it would be good to allocate some time to research some writing on photo booths.


Olivia Ezechukwu

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