On Monday I watched Amelie for the first time to help with my research and inspire my photo booth shoot. I loved the film, the tone and colours used were beautiful and very appealing, they kept me well engaged. I also liked the unique story line and film style used. I though it was interesting how a major part of the film centered around photo booths. the character Nino was devoted to collecting lost and torn photo booth strips which he would then collect and present in a photo album. I liked this idea that photo booths are universally used by people and that they provided a sense of anonymity because although the same faces showed up through the album, Nino did not know their identity. This was certainly the case with the photo booth repairman who took test strips which he discarded. It was interesting how Amelie and Nino applied a supernatural quality to him because they couldn’t explain why he took so many photo strips. Also their main theory is that he was afraid of ageing and dying and this was a way he could immortalise himself , how he could be remembered. This relates to my concept and how intend to use the photo booth. I want to create strips which reflect who the subject is, images which preserve their identity and immortalise who they were in that moment. Photo booths allow the subject to craft a memory and create their own nostalgia for a moment in my opinion, that is certainly a concept reflected in Amelie. So overall the film was great conceptual and visual reference which should help inspire my project.

Olivia Ezechukwu

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