Stranger Things

Stranger Things – Strangers Things is an American science -horror series that aired exclusively on Netflix. It was created and produced by the Duffer Brothers. I think the series is good visual and conceptual inspiration for my project as it plays on the nostalgia society has for 80s. The series mimics the tone and mood of popular eighties films like The Goonies and Stand By Me, in fact when casting for the role child actors auditioned by reading lines from Stand By Me. I love the series for storyline and entertainment purposes but also love it’s for is visual effect, it completely presents as a piece which could have been created in the 1980s. The music is carefully crafted and selected, using a lot of synth pop to compliment scenes and allow the spectator to reminded of that period or films from that period. Additionally, to create an aged effect a film grain was added to the footage which was taken from scanning 1980s film stock. I think this is very effective as it gives it that authentic look however we the viewer are still aware it is not of that period, that it is fake. I think this relates to ideas of nostalgia, how it is not an authentic recollection of memories but rather involves remembering things more warmly, taking the good and fondly remembered parts and focusing on them, idolising those details. I think the series reflects this as it perfectly showcases elements of the eighties that are remembered warmly and idolised – music, the themes, the aesthetic. It’s also a good reference as it makes me think about how I am going to bring that retro, nostalgic authenticity to my own images and whether it is important to my work.



Olivia Ezechukwu

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