Test Shoot 2 – Complete

On March 14th I completed my second test which was based on the nostalgia associated with high school and coming of age. I think the high school experience is etched into our memories as it is an emotional and confusing time, one of discovery. I am also interested in how it has become greatly Americanised through the introduction of prom and strict definition of cliques/identities. I played with that idea in this shoot by creating exaggerated characters of people you would see at high school, remember from high school. It was a very fun and playful shoot, it maybe didn’t display the depth and seriousness I had when I first approached the topic of nostalgia and memory. However I like this evolution from reality to a more surreal and fun stance, I think it better aligns with who I am as a photographer and shows progression in my ideas.  However it will mean that I need to re- examine and adjust my statement of intent to match my current direction.

Visually I am very pleased with the outcome of this shoot, the lighting and colours are almost exactly as I imagined, I think my studio experiments really helped me easily achieve this lighting as they allowed me to reacquaint myself with studio lighting and practice how I would light simple portraits. Also very pleased with the backdrop , it’s almost as exactly like the backdrop used to take my own school portrait, its a little more purple than the ones I remember and would have liked however in the end I think it works better than the classic blue, the purple gives it a more fashion/fake context as its not exactly like the old school ones . The one thing I wish I had done just to give it a more uniform and realistic feel was to have put the camera on a tripod and captured all my subjects at the exact same angle. This would have strengthened the school portrait/yearbook vibe. However I think the varied poses , angles and general chaos of the portraits adds to the fantasy and surreality of the images which makes them fun and visually interesting. Below are the moodboards of the edited shots, with these images complete I now want to experiment with how they will be presented. The physicality of how they will be displayed is important in expressing my theme. I think albums and yearbooks are strong symbols of nostalgia, they represent a way in which we cherish and immortalise memories, and allow us to go back and reflect on those times  so I would like to present my images in a similar format .




Olivia Ezechukwu

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