Test Shoot 2 – Character Profiles and Preparation

To unsure the portraits are successful and as I want them to be for this shoot, I have done some extensive planning and mapped out a personality and style for each model. Below are the character profiles for each model, it outlines their styling, beauty and attitude so the portraits will be more authentic and fun.

In terms of preparation I have to gather a fair amount of props. Most importantly I need a cloudy blue/purple backdrop, the same sort I remember having my school photos taken in front of. I think it will give the shoot a more genuine, cheesy and dated feel which is what I’m going for. As for the lighting, I want it to be quite bright and fairly even as you would expect portrait lighting to be, highlighting all details. However I do want some tone to the images so there will be slight shadowing, I intend to light it similar to my previous studio experiment.


Olivia Ezechukwu

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