Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh – Singh is an artist who primarily works with photography and has published 12 books. Singh’s art explores the way in which people experience and relate to photographic images. Her extensive photographic portfolio acts as a mobile museum as it is constantly edited, showcased and archived. She is also significantly involved in publishing as she has created multiple book objects. Singh is best known for her black and white portraits of India’s middle class and when making her books she approaches each series as a narrative rather than collection of experiences. She is an interesting reference for my work because of her connection to archiving and the way she handles photographs. The way she chooses to display her photos is very meticulous and considered, its stylised and adds another layer of depth for the content of the photos, it strengthens the work. The way I am presenting my images relating to Nostalgia is just important as the images themselves, the context they are viewed in will enhance their meaning and garner a better response from the audience. I want to present them in a family album kind of style to give them authenticity and make the viewer think about their own familiar experiences, to invoke their memory. However, I also want some framed prints, so they can be appreciated and experienced in different contexts and sizes. Therefore, Singh’s approach is essential inspiration that I will be taking a closer look at.

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