Clare Strand

Clare Strand – Strand is a photographer who describes her method as “rolling in the grass and seeing what you pick up on your jumper.” Her work explores popular culture, absurdity and has elements of humour. Her images to me have a bleak sense of mystery and manipulation, there is always something odd or off in her images which I find appealing, it makes you look at them closer. I like how she primarily works in black and white, it creates a signature and draws more attention to the action in the photo, the viewer is not distracted by the colour and can better consider the context and message in her images. However, I am most interested in the way Strand chooses to exhibit her images. Much like Singh the presentation of the images is carefully considered and just as relevant as the images themselves. I like the varying scales at her exhibitions. For example the exhibition of  Still  in The Showcase Gallery at Southampton Solent features an expansive image of a suspended body stretched across a wall. It is very effective as the large size makes the black seem endless giving the images a lot of depth and for more creates a sense of dread/hopelessness, the piece is very physical and striking at that size. This contrasts with Strands other exhibits which can see her build towers of magazines surrounded by framed works or feature a cluster if framed images. So she is another good reference to consider when I think about building my piece.


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