Test Shoot One – The Family

This was my first proper test shoot for my FMP as I discussed before I was going for a familiar , vintage, home vibe. I wanted the models to appear quite cold and mechanical to contrast with the idea of the home as a warm, familiar and welcoming setting. I also wanted the styling to be quite retro to coincide with the theme of memory and nostalgia. The poses were also quite static and considered to suggest the subjects were posing for a family portrait. Essentially I wanted the resulting images to look similar to snapshots you might see in old family albums but with a more fashion editorial context.

Below is shoot brief and initial concept mood board. There are also two mood boards of the final images, I shot in both digital and film to experiment with the differences in tone and style. I think including the retro style phone was particularly clever, it acted as a nice prop and further dated the shoot, however it maybe didn’t fit into the context of family snapshots.




I like the resulting images from this shoot. I particularly thought the female model worked amazingly. The male model was good to as he had a very posh and snobby look which I think gave the images quite a regal, wealthy feel. Unintentionally, I think the images have a similar style to the recent Gucci aesthetic, due to the vibrant and busy styling. Also the rich colours and floral imagery played into that style. I do like this similarity however I think its strays from the original concept a little. I wish I had taken more visual reference from the work of Tina Barney and Deana Lawson before shooting as their images better match the aesthetic I wanted to create however I became better aware if their work after the fact. However I am still really, really pleased with them. I think the pictures have their own individual look which is reflection of my style and signature, so I am happy and will be including them in my final piece. They will go through some re editing though to better match the colours and maybe give the digital images a more film effect. The film images are also considerably warmer than the clean, cool digital images so I will need to experiment with them so they are all consistent and look part of one story.

Below are Gucci campaign images shot by Glen Luchford for comparison in style


Also below are some images by Tina Barney to see the desired aesthetic


And Deana Lawson


Olivia Ezechukwu

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