Photo Album Research

I researched the importance and aesthetics of the photo album to inform my own ideas of how I want my final piece to look. Particularly I looked at the book Photographic Memory – The Album in the Age of Photography which documented several styles of album keeping. Researching photo albums also gives me a better understanding of the importance of photos within our memories and family structure, how they function in relation to nostalgia and preserving a memory.

I was mainly looking at how the photos are placed and displayed within a photo album, is the layout considered or unstructured?  Is the owner trying to make it look aesthetically pleasing or are they simply storing the images. Some of the photo album examples had more a scrapbook feeling whilst I got the impression that some were more cherished and treated withe great care, preserved and seen as a shrine and documentation of that life. Below are some layouts and album designs I collected for reference.



Olivia Ezechukwu

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