Blog post one: audit of a company web site (Asos )

Asos is a British online company it for a cosmetic and fashion, the company was found in 2000 at the beginning it amide at the young adults, but now is targeting woman, man and young adults. The website sells more than 850 brands also it has own range of clothing and accessories also there is a stylist of ASOS section that where the consumer can go and look of the new fashions and stay on the item or style that they are looking for it. The company shipping to over 200 counters over the world. Geographically, they are focusing on the pricing and capital investments in deferent target markets such as the UK and continental Europe.

Digital marketing

Asos in the bagging it was market his product on Twitter and Facebook in 2009 in it has a lot of followers that active e-mail subscribers and the report in 2008 points that the sales are rising to 10%. With the advent of the Instagram program in 2017 Asos encouraging the users to post videos and photo in the stories Asos products (Content, 2018). There are a lot of people interacted with it in the UK also they use the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. With the development released Asos their mobile app, there are 10 million downloaded the app in March 2018 and that easy to the user to upload images they like sins that in UK 58% of purchased happen on a mobile device (Milnes,2018). There is a lot of company that compete Asos in the UK and outside the UK, the tow company that against Asos is Boohoo and Now look they are UK companies. The target market for Boohoo and new look is the woman, man and young adults.







Sarah k


Job, student

Career path, taking a part-time job at a university

Family, single

·      Demographics



Income £800

Location, Suburban

·      Identifiers

Demeanour, calm behaviour


·      Goals

The primary goal, finish the university with a good degree

The secondary goal, have a good job in one of the famous fashion company

·      Challenges

Primary Challenges have a collection of clothes

Secondary Challenges, Selin the clothes online

·      What can we do?

Starting to make some clothes and posted them on social networking sites.

Make friends wear your design and mention that in social media

·       Real quotes

It was hard to enter the university, but o missed it

It was hard to ignore the drawing on a paper to draw in iPad

·       Common objections

I am worried if I lose some of my drawings

Someone coping my drawing and link has a name


·       Elevator pitch

View new designs that updated with the fashion and trend

Jon c


Job, head of marketing teem

Career path works in the same company for 5 years

Family, married with 1 child (8yers)

·      Demographics


Age, 33

Income £100000

Location, Suburban

·      Identifiers

Demeanour, strong personality


·      Goals

The primary goal, Keep employees happy and turnover low

The secondary goal, Support legal and finance teams


·      Challenges

Primary Challenges, be a good head and done the woke in time

Secondary Challenges challenge the product with other company

·      What can we do?

Managing the employee to meet the goals

Donning a limited product

·       Real quotes

Have to do a lot of work that it can do it any employee

I have many courses are in terms of training and modern technology


·       Common objections

I do not want to have trained the new employee

I am worried if someone taking my job


·      Elevator pitch

We can do a perfect dell that offered as you want and at the lowest cost





Content, S. (2018). Great Work: ASOS’s campaign makes clever use of Instagram Stories. [online] Creative Review. Available at: [Accessed 24 Nov. 2018].

Milnes, H. (2018). How Asos gets 58 percent of customers to buy on mobile – Digiday. [online] Digiday. Available at: [Accessed 24 Nov. 2018].


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