Brandwatch Analysis allows Argos to gain Feedback on their 53 new Digital Stores

With over 50 new digital stores in place, Argos successfully took the first ambitious step into the digital age. One of their biggest concerns was the customers reactions to the new changes in place, and the feedback that would come from it, particularly on social media websites. However, this was taken postively as valuable feedback.

Brandwatch is one of the worlds leading analytics technology platforms, that listens to the social media. The Brandwatch Case Study allowed Argos to understand who the individuals are, the comments that were being made and the reasoning behind them. This has also allowed Argos to see what stores are performing best and if any particular member of staff was receiving positive feedback. This has been proven successful, such as an instance where a tweet alerted Argos staff to a fault in a sign above the store by Clapham Junction, and was subsequently corrected. The twitter user tweeted ”#greatcustomerservice” soon after, commenting that they would ”definitely be coming into the store”. It shows that their feedback is taken into account.

Brandwatch Analysis has also allowed for the neutral and / or negative feedback. One of the negative comments was customers missing the catalogues, to which Argos soon took action and started keeping catalogues behind the counter for those who wanted a copy.

Argos is now one of the UK’s foremost retail pioneers in digital, allowing for the worry of changing it’s familiar surroundings to slowly disappear.

Time has ran out, and so unfortunately that will be all.

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