What is a booklet?

There are a variety of resources, in order to teach students that according to their need and the time they have, could be selected. The booklet is one of the academic resources for learning the curricula, which usually each teacher and professor has his own unique booklet, in which he expands the contents of the book or has a different description of the subject mentioned in the book.

What does downloading the booklets help students?


As the Internet and the World Wide Web in many aspects of life has made things more comfortable to do, in the field of education and training has also played a significant role. Educational software, educational sites, virtual and remote education, and … Could be considered as some examples of the roles of technology and the Internet in education. In this article, we want to discuss the role of downloading booklet in improving students’ study.

It is possible for students, demanding national, civil, and domestic exams, to download the booklets they need from various sites and blogs related to their desired topics. Many schools and institutes have enabled their users to download the booklets of the professors and teachers on their site.

Advantages of download the booklets

  1. Saving time:

One of the most important parameters, for volunteers of national, civil, and domestic exams, that should be paid much attention to, is time. By having access to educational and academic sites, you are able to use your time so much efficiently, or by removing the time, had been allocated to traveling for obtaining and purchasing the booklets, you will be able to assign more time to study.

  1. Financial savings:

Due to the fact that many sites give their users the booklets free or the cost must be paid to download the booklet is slight, downloading the booklet is a very affordable way and can reduce your finances regarding education.

  1. Extent of resources

Many schools, institutes, teachers and professors upload their booklets on educational sites and give them to volunteers and students free or at a low cost. That is why the users of these sites are facing a wide range of booklets from different professors for their desired topic, and they can improve their learning by downloading the booklet they want.

  1. Creating educational opportunities for students in deprived and remote areas:

Creating educational facilities and equal educational opportunities for the residents of deprived and remote areas has always been one of the concerns of those in charge of education and those involved in the field of education. The increasing advancement of technology and the World Wide Web has significantly helped to create equal educational opportunities in deprived areas. Wherever you are, you can improve your learning by downloading the booklet you want, and by this approach, they have access to a large number of booklets and resources belonging to different institutes and sites.

  1. Access to civil and national exam questions:

It is not covered for anyone that the biggest challenge for students in Iran with regard to entering the university is the national entrance exam, which brings a large number of candidates into a large competitive environment every year. Entrance candidates provide a variety of resources to prepare themselves Which is one of the most important sources of questions in previous years. There are a variety of educational sites that have collected these questions and candidates can have a large bank of questions by downloading the booklet containing these questions. The final exam is another test that students face during their educational course. Downloading the booklets containing questions from previous years, effectively help them to get a perfect score in the exams. Even for domestic exams, you can download the booklet to test your other teachers’  questions and obtain the best score in the exams in a different style.


Summary of the role of downloading the booklet in increasing student’s study:

According to what we have discussed and the benefits of downloading the booklet, it can be concluded that downloading the booklet has a significant and prominent role in increasing students’ study and can be very effective in improving their learning and teaching process.

With easy and fast access to the booklet, the speed of the study process could be increased.

Free download or the low cost of downloading the booklet allows anyone with any financial level, to study.

Downloading the booklet provides a great source of questions for students to study more and test themselves.


source : p30konkor

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