Business Cards

After having the idea to produce business cards for everyone in the Peeled team, and seeing how well the photograph examples of the geo-filters turned out, I decided to turn idea into reality. I modified the design ever so slightly, simply just removing the swirly shape at the top, keeping it at the bottom, and taking the text underneath the logo.

The text on the front of all the business cards state the business with the presence of the logo accompanied by the role each person plays in the team. Each team member submitted an image to me. This would be the shot that would both showcase their work as well as embodying elements that Peeled stands for.


I love how there is a variety of images used. Test shoots, core shoots, landscape shots, beauty shots – all of these work as a collective to give a little taster of what Peeled has been up to and individually display a quick insight into our interests.

The second row of images presents the text that is printed on the back of the business cards. So you will initially be presented with a beautiful image with the magazine’s logo and position of the person, then when you flip it over you then receive further information. Their name, the role they play again (this is so if you weren’t to see the ‘typical’ front of the card and this was the ‘front’ that was presented to you, you would still be able to see everything you need to know), and finally their contact details including their mobile phone number and e-mail address.


Peeled’s Sponsors

After doing further research for potential sponsors for Peeled, I found three great brands that fully embody what the magazine stands to represent as well keeping one that I previously looked at, Yogahaven. The first image showcases one of our sponsors being Saf Life which works to help individuals achieve optimum health and well-being through holistic nutrition. Our philosophy is based on the idea to ’Eat pure and nourish your life’. The image on the bottom left is from our third sponsor, Corinne Taylor who specialises in making products for holistic therapy. Our final sponsor is displayed in the fourth image. Philosophy is a skincare line that believes in celebrating beautiful skin as well as beautiful days.




Body Scrub Packaging

A body scrub stand will be set up at the launch party. This will include testers for people to sample before purchasing as well as a station stocked with various ingredients that were used in the making of our own scrubs available for people to create their own personalised body scrub. The price for making your own body scrub will be £4.50 and £6 will be charged for Peeled’s own creations. A more simplistic design of the Snapchat geo-filter version will be printed onto clear vinyl and stuck onto glass jars. There will be two body scrubs made by Peeled. The first is Blueberry & Coconut and the second is Banana, Oat, Honey & Vanilla.



Marketing Ideas


In terms of marketing, I have a few ideas of how we can promote Peeled magazine. One of which is merchandise. For a magazine, it might sound odd to suggest merchandise, but given its holistic and organic feel I felt that it would provide us with an outlet to work with organic and eco-friendly materials in order to strengthen the magazine’s philosophy and share it with our readers. The merchandise Peeled has to offer are organic canvas bags and eco-friendly badges.

Selling these particular products will work best for the magazine as they’re quick and easy to produce but are also incredibly popular ways to promote Peeled and spread the word of our arrival to the magazine world. Simple but effective, the logo of the magazine against a clean, white background is bold and striking, tying in with the aesthetic of the magazine itself in terms of how it will appear in print, thus creating a cohesive collection of products to support the magazine.



During two of the main shoots for Peeled magazine (photographed by Mikaela and styled by Lydia), our photographer took a series of quick snapshots whilst the model was in motion, creating a large quantity of stills of her movements. I then took these images and used the lasso tool on Photoshop to draw round the image to put onto a new file with just a white background. This was done so that I could go on to make flipbooks for each shoot.

The two flipbooks that include the pink material that drapes around the model works incredibly in this form as although the camera cannot catch the movement of the model or this beautiful free-flowing material, it can capture multiple shots done on rapid fire in order to use these stills to showcase the movement. This brings great depth to these pieces and I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out.

These are homemade prototypes, meaning that with every extra page meant that the spine thickened thus continuingly extending the length of the flipbook there is a slight hiccup in the construction of the flipbooks physically. However, this obviously won’t be the case when they get printed professionally as they will be printed and bound to scale perfectly. I like how the flipbooks are balanced in terms of being viewed as a collection as two consist of full-body images and the other two are more zoomed in, only focusing on the top half.

For the front cover of these flipbooks I thought I would utilise a technique that I found to be successful when experimenting with edits in past shoots: the use of acetate with the Peeled logo printed across the centre. I then used a white embroidery thread and a needle bind the pages together, which I think turned out very neat and looks very strong visually. Since these are physical flipbooks, I would love to explore their potential digitally, perhaps by making them into Gifs to use on our social media pages and website as well as at the launch party.



I thought it would be great idea to transform the flipbooks into GIFs and I’m really pleased with the outcome. This will help to promote Peeled through social media by giving both our readers and sponsors a taste of the magazine’s style and aesthetic, keeping them engaged in time for the pre-launch and launch events.

The fluidity and motion that is present in these GIFs is an element that makes them all incredibly captivating both individually as well as a collective. The image size of each GIFs was made to the scale of an iPhone in order to communicate their digital importance. Putting these GIFs onto our social media accounts will add another layer to Peeled, as it were.


Snapchat Geo-Filters


Snapchat is the new Twitter. Well that’s what the ‘kids’ are saying these days. Snapchat is one of the apps for social media with an estimated 150 million users documented this year, making it a must for Peeled. Creating a geo-filter on Snapchat for the pre-launch and launch events for the magazine is another idea I had in order to market and promote the magazine. The image on the left and on the next page is the design for the filters of both events. Both filters will be available in portrait and landscape, in order to be flexible for the user in terms of camera preference. The design is simple yet bold, keeping with the clean, polished aesthetic of Peeled and adhering to our chosen colour scheme to maintain cohesion. The price for the pre-launch yoga morning at SOAS Japanese Roof Garden is $15.81, which is £12.82. This means that the filter will be available for the guests to use on Snapchat during the event when in the ‘green zone’ shown in the above image, in a 158, 131 square foot zone around SOAS University, London.



To the left, is the portrait style of the geo-filter and showcases the ‘launch party’ version. This particular idea provides Peeled with great exposure to the public as it is not only accessible to guests present at our events but will be seen by so many other people from being uploaded to users’ ‘Stories’, thus promoting the magazine immensely. Social media is such a big platform today for companies and brands, and with Snapachat arguably being at the forefront of it, along with Instagram, makes it so important to promote in order to gain support and readership.

The launch party price is slightly more as it will last longer as it is an evening event and also covers a wider area making the cost for this geo-filter $121.63 which is £98.61. I would’ve liked to expand the ‘green zone’ for this event even more to Barbican station so that it could be used to document the journey to the event as well as reaching so much more people but unfortunately that made the price just ridiculous so the area where the filter is available is 304, 074 square foot around the Barbican Centre, London.


These images present what the Snapchat geo-filter design would look like over a photograph. The design of the geo-filter has been made to be available for both portrait and landscape format. The photographs I used as demonstrations for the filter are all from shoots that will feature in Peeled magazine’s first issue. Our stylist Lydia took the first image; our photographer Mikaela took the second by myself, and the final image. The colour palette used in the design of the geo-filter is solely based on the colours seen in our logo as the layering of a pastel lilac mirroring the dusky purple that stands at the forefront adheres to Peeled’s clean, natural, and light aesthetic.


These image examples again showcase what our geo-filter would look like with real photographs, but this time are presented in the landscape format. The first shot is by our photographer Mikaela, the second image is by myself, and our stylist Lydia took the third and final photograph.

Looking at all six of these images now, an idea has formed to use photographs that will be included in the magazine, and pair it with the geo-filter design as business cards for each member of the Peeled team. However, I would obviously alter the top part of the design by changing the words “yoga morning” and “launch party” to our perspective positions in the magazine; “photographer”, “stylist”, and “art director”. I could possibly do some mock-up designs for this and potentially even get some printed and make some prototypes myself to see the result because I think this would present a strong brand image and would be great things to have available for everyone to pass out at the pre-launch and launch parties when networking as well as putting stacks of them at all of the stands we have available.












Launch Party

The launch party will be held at The Barbican Conservatory in London. After considering many different locations for the launch of Peeled, when we thought of the conservatory it all seemed to come together, with the earthy, nature filled aesthetic really works to communicate the message of the magazine as well as the calm, relaxing, clean aesthetic both share. As well as the serving of organic, healthy food such as healthy canapés using some of Peeled’s own recipes within like the bread and dip, and botanical cocktails, the launch party will cement Peeled in the magazine world as a force to be reckoned with through its unique message and style. One of our sponsors (which has just been decided by the group), Saf Life could hold food demos, as well as the other three sponsors having their own stands. Also, we had the idea to have a hygge corner. Hygge is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Here there will be knitting, hot chocolate and a guest speaker, Corine Taylor, who is again one of our newly decided sponsors who specializes in holistic therapy. The opportunity to potentially show a fashion film of BTS footage could possibility to play on screens inside. GIFs and photographs included in the magazine will be shown on screens and possibly even projected onto the glass walls and of course the magazine, Peeled itself, will be available.




Pre-launch Party

To raise awareness for the magazine as well as to get funding for Peeled, we will host a pre-launch event in the form of a yoga morning in collaboration with Yogahaven (one of our sponsors), evoking the chill, relaxing atmosphere that lies at the heart of Peeled. This will be a great way for us to see how much work we still have to do in order for the launch party to reach the attention of the right people and also really drive our message home to our target audience in terms of funding, sponsorship and investors as well as target readers. With the idea of this pre-launch party being a zen yoga morning the event will commence at 9:00am and will finish at 11:30am for all those early risers. A juice/smoothie bar will be set up as well as a body scrub area where they can buy Peeled scrubs or there will be a station with ingredients available for them to make their own. After looking at multiple rooftop gardens, the Japanese Roof Garden at SOAS University in London proved to be the perfect place to house our event. The energy of the space is conclusive with that of a very relaxing and calming aesthetic and I love all the nature elements present that really tie in with the style of the event. We will charge £8 for entry to the event and then £6 for Peeled’s owns scrubs and £4.50 for personally crafted ones.




Food Shoot

This is a Cleansing & Energising Superfood Smoothie, with ingredients including spinach, beetroot, banana, apple and ginger, thus making it an incredibly healthy option. The thing about making your own smoothies as opposed to buying them is that you know exactly what’s going in them so you know exactly what you’re getting out of them. There has been controversy surrounding Nakd smoothies as they contain high levels of sugar which most consumers are unaware of, but when you a placing every single ingredient into the blender yourself, there is no doubt of what you’re putting into your body. Plus you can experiment with different flavours and maybe a crazy combination will surprise you and you end up creating the next amazing taste – and its good for you!


This Red cabbage & Chick Pea Salad and Rocket, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad makes the perfect lunch. With so many different and interesting textures, from the crunchy beetroot and the softness of the freshly chopped tomatoes work to create a hearty bowl of healthiness that will fill you up until your evening meal, keeping you away from the highly feared notion that is ‘snacking’. I love how colourful this dish is, appealing to the concept of ‘eating with your eyes’, as it stimulates your senses as it looks fun to eat so is much more intriguing. The use of a collection of images instead of just choosing a singular image to represent each one proved to be very successful as it allows the viewer to see the subject from multiple perspectives, which provides great strength to the work.


Putting this Vegan Orange & Rhubarb Cake on the wooden board instead of on a plate or in a bowl looks so much better as its much sharper, cleaner and presents more of a polished finish with fits in amazingly with the aesthetic of the magazine. These are completely raw untouched images. The lighting was perfect and when I loaded them onto Photoshop it proved pointless to alter them. Personally, I feel that these images are incredibly strong and captivating to the audience and to make any amendments to them would decline the depth and strength of the images. There is also great clarity present in all of these images as every single one is so rich with detail and such interesting shapes and lines that really work to draw the viewer in.


This is a circular loaf of Sourdough Rye & Spelt Bread we made for the shoot. The various marks seen that have been carved into the dough which have developed when baked compared with the little cracks that materialised also when baked prove to improve the overall look of the bread, making it very appealing to the viewer. With the flour being sprinkled on top creates really interesting lines and shapes to be introduced when the natural colour of the loaf comes through, thus presenting an interesting juxtaposition in terms of tone. The composition of all of these photographs is all very strong and I think that the three images used work strongly to give the audience a very clear and balanced picture of each subject.


Media Pack – First Draft

MEDIA PACK PEELED (Draft 1)-28dfl5t

Our first draft of our media pack for Peeled magazine was quite successful, considering where we are in the brief. With every element that needed to be completed for submission being done by each group member to the best of our ability, with the information that we have learnt so far and decisions that we have collectively made thus far is something that I am very proud of.

In terms of my individual input, I wrote the editorial policy, outlining what Peeled represents and the message we aim to project. I also contributed to the layout of the magazine’s flat plan. I looked at the funding aspect of the magazine, whereby it was seen that sponsors would be the main benefactors for the magazine. Obviously other elements would contribute to this particular aspect of the magazine but that would come later on in the project as I think of new ways to raise money. At this time I think that merchandise is a very strong way in which to do this so there will be development on this idea.

I had the idea for Peeled to host a pre-launch party, which would also contribute to the funding. However, upon speculation and thinking about it more in depth, the idea to do team up with ‘Ecstatic Dance’ was probably the wrong route to take, as it doesn’t really fit in with, the now clearly devised, image that Peeled will project. Therefore, I feel that a yoga morning with a juice/smoothie bar and scrub area would be much more fitting in terms of our philosophy and will allow the people who attend to get a true feel of what the magazine stands for.