Final Outcome





Intersectionality Now! is my final outcome for this project. As expressed clearly on my blog, feminism quickly became the focus of my research for this brief and I have looked at bringing attention to gender related symbols such as femme, androgyny, and transgender and quotes that promote intersectional feminism. Therefore, I have made a book that brings these two elements together in order to call for feminism to be intersectional, as in today’s society it is so important that equality and diversity is in place, embraced and not ignored, thus ensuring that no individual or group is excluded as this is such a powerful movement, especially in the current political climate. I have a paper book bound by white cotton thread in the top left corner. I initially bound the pages together in a corset pattern so sewed ‘x’ shapes all the way down to make a spine, but this proved rather difficult as some of the papers were very thin and were easily torn so when I bound them quite tightly this caused them to tear free from the thread so I had to bind the book together in this way. This paper was extremely delicate and the laser cutting, particularly on the ones with the symbols carved out of them, were extremely fiddly. This is meant that when it came to pairing them with their counter parts (the paper with a quote laser cut out of it), when turning the pages, I would just treat them as one page because each pair have been treated as one in terms of layout in terms of how the quote fits in perfectly with the shape of their perspective symbol. Although I do not regret the laser cutting as it is, ultimately, the skill that I wanted to develop in this project and feel that I have been very successful in that, I could of however, chosen a slightly more readable font as this one, projecting the digital, harsh, and powerful aesthetic that I was after, did prove quite difficult to read once they were cut with the laser. This I fixed by printing out the text in an amazingly deep violet colour that contrasted with the vibrant pink and classic white incredibly just so the definition of each letter was very clear and also keeping the fact that it had also been laser cut very much at the forefront of the piece. Unfortunately, because of the fragile nature of some of the pages there have been a couple of minor tears in the paper, making one of the pages in particular, quite tactile to handle so you have to be very gentle. However, even though this may have been an unwanted and unexpected element that could be argued as bringing imperfection to my final piece, I also think that it brings a sense of delicacy and the fact that it must be treated with care so that it doesn’t break even further is very much synonymous with the book’s topic, that of intersectional feminism.




Natasha Perkin – AD296 – Treckstock Treck The Runway Presentation.compressed-2gjv59s

This is the presentation I have created to go along with my pitch to Trekstock, for the proposal of my event, Trek The Runway. Included are all the visuals I have created to promote the event both online and offline as well as highlighting key elements of the event such as the brands that will be collaborating with Trekstock for this fundraising effort and some of the models we have secured to trek our runway.



Trek The Runway Booklet.compressed-1ppndp4

This is a booklet I made to give to the people I would be pitching to so they could have a flip through whilst I was giving my pitch and also to take away so they could look at it in a bit more detail later on. Included are the exact same pages that I used for my presentation, providing you with everything from the mock-up Instagram account and official Trek The Runway website to the budget outline, except here I have added bullet points listing the key information for each aspect of my proposal.





We were given the budget of £10,000 and as you can I have clearly showed the three main ways that money will be spent. The biggest sum of money will come from the venue of the event, the Barbican Conservatory, with the venue hire costing £3,000. £2,500 to manufacture both the official Trek The Runway cap and long-sleeve tee. This amount was calculated for the order of 250 units, with the caps being priced at £3 per unit and the long-sleeve tees being priced at £7 per unit, meaning that this is a variable that we can change and as a result will obviously effect our costings depending on whether we choose to order more or less further down the line. The last main element that will take money from the budget will be the cost to have both Snapchat filters available on the day of the event, with both of them adding up to £53.38. This makes a grand total of £5,553.38 which leaves us very comfortable to expand on some extras, which can be discussed at a later date. For example, we could make some Trek The Runway packs that could be sent out to each person that purchases their £15 ticket to gain them access to spectacular virtual fashion show, so that they too can showcase from Trekstock items onto their social media along with the event’s hashtag in order to create even more buzz for the event. Given that we have so many high-profile brands collaborating with us I can imagine that there is only so much they’re willing to do for free. With that in mind if this is the case for some, or even all the designers, the revenue made from celebrities paying a fairly big amount of money for a seat at this show will hopefully more than pay for that, as it will be a minimum suggested donation of £5,000 be donated for a seat. And hopefully, people will be willing to give even more to such a great cause. Also, we have the money coming in from both the nine designer caps and the official Trek The Runway merchandise which I predict to generate very high revenue. In addition, further donations will be expected from people who want to get their names entered even more times into that once-in-a-lifetime raffle to win those iconic designer pieces, as well as donations from people who just want to support Trekstock and the amazing work that they do.




Trek The Runway Lookbook-1cqcce2

This is the lookbook for Trek The Runway. This will be an online virtual lookbook that will be available on the official Trek The Runway website, although I have had it printed just so you can see how it looks. With the lookbook made up of photographs featuring the official merchandise to be sold for this event, I think that the design, layout, and overall execution of this work is great. Again, it’s followed the same theme as the rest of the branding, with the Barbican conservatory featuring heavily once again on both the front and back cover, also ensuring green maintains our focal colour.  This maintains that cohesive design thus ensuring a strong sense of brand identity for the event. I decided on a white background in keeping with the theme of wellness and the crispness of Trekstock’s usual design and lets the images, and the merchandise, speak for themselves, thus making a very captivating collection of image. Again, I would like to remind you that the merchandise is in fact unisex, so this lookbook serves as just a starting point for further developments to follow. This will be done through the aforementioned photoshoot featuring the models, as well as some longtime supporters of Trekstock and young people affected by cancer that would also feature in the visuals for the poster campaign. But also more simply, we would also need to take some pictures of men, non-binary people, and transgender people wearing the merchandise. The fact that we do this is very important to me. I think it’s imperative when thinking about audience, as it was illuminated to me when I visited the Museum of Transology and in my previous project for Diversity NOW!, that it often goes unnoticed that not everyone is catered to and represented in general, everyday things and that there are definitely huge grey areas when it comes to the fashion industry in terms of lack of representation. But this is slowly getting better and we are starting to see progress being made but we need more and we need it now and I think it would be great for Trekstock to demonstrate that, and for example, with transgender being a very strong example of something that is becoming much more talked about in today’s society it could pave the way for more developments in the industry and the world going forward. Any young person can get cancer – so we want no one to feel excluded from this fundraising effort.



Lookbook Images

I took these photographs in my back-garden on a sunny day, with a portable photography backdrop, working both facing the sun and by going behind the portable sheet for some shade. This ensured maximum clarity, and also in gave me the best lighting in, surprising, both areas as even when shaded the white sheet still allowed some light to shine through, which made for some amazing images. and As I couldn’t physically feature the nine caps designed by ‘The Trekstock Nine’ I did manage to have the designs for the official Trek The Runway merchandise made. Therefore, for the purposes of this lookbook, as the starting point, the ‘merchandise’ will be represented by the official event products and the ‘people’ will be represented by a young Caucasian female. Taking an array of photographs, I wanted to have as many amazing shots to choose from for the final product as it is imperative that these images embody the Trek The Runway essence and spirit: young, fun, fresh, and captivating.



The shadows cast in these images are absolutely stunning. I love how the cap’s peak makes a shadow across the model’s face, almost acting as a disguise for her but I also love that it is making her identity and her features a bit more ambiguous as it puts the focus instantly on the products in the shot, bring them very much to the forefront of the image as well as great depth. I love the attitude the model is displaying in these images as in all six photographs there is a mixture of sass and toughness and a fun, carefree spirit which embodies the event incredibly well. Switching the cap’s position around showcases the slogan ‘YOUNG ADULT CANCER SUPPORT’ accompanied by the two little green Trekstock hearts to show every aspect of the item. This also allows for a much clearer image, in terms of the model and how her wearing the cap in this way allows us to see her face.  There’s something that is so captivating about the fifth image. Even though it doesn’t really show us either of the products in the best way, I think love the model’s position and the lighting as it creates the most amazing contrast between the white merchandise, the background and the model’s beautiful, blunt dark brown hair. This kind of shot is perfect as it works to break up more of the ‘typical’ images you would expect to see in a lookbook, as obviously, we must have shots where all the words can be seen with absolute clarity. This type of shot brings diversity and versatility to the images as a body of work, making them much stronger as a collective.



Putting the model in simple stonewash Levi jeans and these phenomenal platform sandals was something that I left completely up the model. I wanted her to feel comfortable in what she was wearing but didn’t want her to shy away from expressing her personality. So, the shoes completely showcase her sassy (and a bit wacky) personality as do the jeans but they are also her most comfortable pair of jeans so it was a perfect outfit as they didn’t take away from the merchandise at all but just provided that little pop of colour that separated all the white to make everything come together. I love the composition of all three of these shots as I am a huge fan of shots that have the subject just off centre, really allowing that negative space to make the focal point of the photograph stand out that much more. The final shot is one of my favourites. Even though it isn’t very clear in the print out, the model is wearing the most amazing green coloured eyeliner, and creates the most beautiful line of her lash line, winged to perfection which links incredibly to the two green little hearts around the curve of the cap’s velcro seal. These two elements work so well together as the first element, that of the make-up works to draw you in as it’s so eye-catching, but then instantly makes you look at the heart detail on the cap, thus ultimately putting the focus onto the merchandise. I just the angelic and pure aesthetic of this shot and how it creates an interesting juxtaposition, with most of the images on the previous page as well as the first image displayed above, evoking feelings of power demonstrated through the poses and facial expressions of the model.


Merchandise – Trek The Runway



At the intersection of promotion and fundraising lies our Trek the Runway merchandise. This is in the form of both the caps designed by ‘The Trekstock Nine’ as well as our official Trek The Runway merchandise.  For the event, I have created an official Trek the Runway a long sleeve t-shirt and cap. I wanted to stay away from the traditional typical short sleeve t-shirt, as we felt it was overdone. But of course, there’s always room for a little DIY makeover. I chose to do caps because they are young, fun, and something a little bit different. The design of the official merchandise is simple but effective. Featuring the all black ‘TREK THE RUNWAY’ text front and centre, with Trekstock’s original logo just with the slight alteration of making the event’s staple green colour, resulting in a sleek and eye-catching design. I chose for the items to have white as their main colour to fit in with Trekstock’s philosophy of wellness and also mirrors the crispness of Trekstock’s brand and original design. The merchandise is unisex, which was something that I was adamant in implementing as I think cancer affects people void of gender so our merchandise showcases that our products are for everyone, disregarding gender, sexual orientation, race etc. in the grander scheme of things.






Merchandise – Designer Caps


A vital part of raising money for this event will be merchandise. Each of ‘The Trekstock Nine’ will design a cap exclusively for Trek The Runway and will sold for £30 each on the event’s official website, available on the ‘SHOP’ page. The designs reflect that of the brands’ identity and are branded with the Trek The Runway logo on the back. On caps that are darker like Alexander Wang’s and Givenchy’s the logo will be altered slightly so that the black text will either be white or the original Trekstock blue so that it is visible on the product. For each brand’s cap, I have created a design that suggests as to the look of what each designer may submit solely based on brand identity and what personally comes to mind when I think of these designers. Alexander Wang. I know that Wang likes to use his name on his designs a lot so I took inspiration from one of his mesh logo tees and used that to represent his brand. Balmain. After the major publicity that they received for their Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection for featuring the Bernie Sanders campaign logo with replacing ‘Bernice Sanders’ to ‘Balencaiga’ I felt it would be very fitting due to the current political climate to use this as the design for their cap. Balmain. Balmain sell simple but very popular logo t-shirts with one even saying “DO YOU SPEAK BALMAIN?” so I thought it fitting to but a little twist on that and make this design say “FLUENT IN BALMAIN”. Making the cap khaki ties in perfectly with the brand as it is a recurring colour used in Rousteing’s designs, I would almost go as far to say that it’s one of his signature colours. Givenchy. Their star line was iconic so I thought a white star paired with black faux leather would make for a beautiful monochromatic, elegant yet youthful design.



There will a limited supply with only so many units being made to order by each designer, so it will be encouraged that people sign up to be notified for updates on the event so they will know the minute that they drop so they can get their hands on the one or ones they desire. The nine caps will also be worn by the models in the photoshoot that will appear on the posters for the poster campaign.  Now for the next set of designs for four more of ‘The Trekstock Nine’. Kenzo. It’s notorious tiger decal is a key motif in the Kenzo brand, thus making it obvious that it be featured on the brand’s cap. The neutral colour of the cap compliments the colours used in the image of the tiger amazingly and although it strays away slightly from Kenzo’s usually more loud design patterns, it fits in a bit more with Trektock’s emphasis on wellness and for the line featuring the tiger, a slightly less busy design was in place. Moschino. With everyone still raving about their McDonalds items, I thought the use of the McDonalds red would be great for Moschino’s cap. And being paired with their phrase ‘LOVE MOSCHINO’ was the perfect way to spread the love for this event. Tommy Hilfiger. The Toomy Hilfiger logo is iconic. Everyone knows it, so I thought why not print that on a large scale on the front, sides, and back of the cap. The colours are young, fun, and very striking. Vetements. This might be my favourite cap design. Completely inspired by the iconic hoodie rocked by none other than Kanye West and Bad Gal Rhirhi, this infamous Vetements logo printed in a zingy orange on top of a beautiful burgundy makes for an unbeatable combination.



Yeezy proved to be the hardest to design for just because I think Kanye West’s designs are phenomenal and just gorgeous so I would never want to suggest something that he would produce and ultimately risk doing him a disservice because that would be devastating. Having said that I am very happy with the designs that I have come up with. As you can see, I have made several variations of the cap with the same font, colour, and main print for each cap design but I struggle to decide on one single design to represent Yeezy. The first is just a plain cap with a woodland print from merchandise from his Saint Pablo tour with the others printed with words in his current signature font, Planet Kosmos, in a brilliantly bright orange that contrast amazingly with the background print. The second cap has the word ‘donda’ printed on it, which is the name of West’s mother and also the name of his elusive and exclusive creative company. His mother meant everything to him and his death is something he says was incredibly hard for him to come to terms with as she died from surgery complications so it was very unexpected. West constantly refers to his mother in his songs as well as in his designs. ‘truman, ford, hughes, disney, jobs, west’.  These are the words printed onto the third cap and showcase the words from a speech West did at the MTV VMAs last year where he spoke about how his role models influence him every day. “My friend told me, ‘There are three keys to keeping people impoverished: taking away their esteem, taking away their resources, and taking away their role models.’ My role models are artist-merchants. Less than 10 I can name in history. Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West.” Here he attributes these five men to be his role models, with himself being the last. That Kanye West for you. The last cap design displays ‘77’ printed onto the woodland base which is the year that West was born (1977). It has long been a trend to have clothing that displays a certain year to represent when a brand was established or like in this case, to mark the year of someone’s birth so I thought it interesting to use this an option. I decided on the second cap with the woodland print with the word ‘donda’ on it as it holds a strong sentiment with West both personally and creatively.





Offline | Poster Campaign



Again, I’ve used the same aesthetic as in the Facebook Event, but this time, it’s for bus-stops, billboards, bus ads, flyers and tube stations. These all work to make a very successful and cohesive collection for the poster campaign. I think that design is eye-catching, bold, and captivating demanding the viewer’s attention instantly and I just think the images of the Barbican Conservatory, with their transparency diluted slightly, for the backdrop work beautifully to evoke that warmth and welcoming feeling that we want the audience to feel so that they feel inclined to find out more. An element that is missing from the visuals for the poster campaign however, is that of a main promotional image. Of course, Harry Styles being listed as the host will gain huge public attention amongst the general public stuff happening upon these on the streets of London and a poster campaign will also work to promote the event to people outside of the digital age. And even though that is Trekstock’s target demographic, cancer can affect absolutely anyone regardless age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. so this will ensure awareness of the event and Trekstock amongst a much wider audience. Something that is currently missing from our poster campaign images are feature images. We will do a photoshoot with our models and designers, as well as other women, men and non-binary people, so that we ensure everyone is represented as cancer can affect absolutely anyone so it’s imperative that every demographic is represented. A selection of 4-6 images from the shoot will be selected to be feature images on the posters, as this will communicate the fashion element of the event with the viewers instantly as well as showcasing some of the big names we have acquired for the show. The visuals for the poster campaign that are displayed will be the basis for this poster campaign but this addition will be made once the shoot has been completed.


Snapchat Filters



In order to enhance the event’s platform on social media even more, I thought that the use of a Snapchat filter would be a great idea. Actually, there will be two filters made available by Trek The Runway, with the first design displayed above and the other on the next page. I chose two because it offers up more choice for the user depending on what kind of picture they’re taking. The price for both filters will be £26.69 each making that a total of £53.38 and that covers the green highlight area in the summary image above and on our chosen date. On the image, it does say May 3, 2017 because they don’t allow you order your filters that far ahead in advance so this part of it was just in order to get the overall price and when Snapchat allows we will definitely be ordering it for June 3, 2018.




The filters will be made available on the day and in and around the Barbican, allowing fans to be able to see exclusive BTS footage from models, celebrities, and designers from backstage and while to show is in full swing as everyone involved will be using this to update their fans to Kim Kardashian-West sitting in the front row or designer for Balmain Olivier Rousteing showing you the hair make-up for his models. With everyone using these filters not only to send private snaps to friends and family, uploaded snaps to their stories will reach masses of people, gaining excellent publicity not only for Trek The Runway as an event, but solely for Trekstock as an organisation. This will without a doubt encourage more people to visit the site and donate not just nationally but worldwide – bringing awareness to Trekstock’s efforts, of how they work tirelessly to ensure that no young adult faces cancer alone, on a global scale.


Instagram Account


Given that the bio of an Instagram account can only have a maximum of 150 characters, I could only include what I deemed to be the most important and relevant information about the event. This was a necessary evil as there is plenty more information out there both on the official Trek The Runway site as well as on the Facebook Event page. Alike the Facebook event the hashtag #TrekTheRunway is in place, as are the two links forwarding you to the official site for the event as well as Trestock’s. The overall aesthetic for the Instagram account is much alike the other online visuals, clean, polished and professional but youthful and fun. The first Instagram post presents the event title, the launch date, again paired with the beautifully scenic backdrop of the event’s location, the Barbican Conservatory, thus following the same aesthetic as used in the previous visuals. The second and the third posts, reveal the two of ‘The Trekstock Nine’, Balmain and Yeezy. I love these three posts, but in particular the ones showcasing Balmain and Yeezy are to die for! I love how they are very much in keeping with the design and brand identity of the event but have that individual flavour that relates specifically to these brands. This is embodied through the text colour and also in altering the background colour of the Barbican Conservatory image. This was done through overlay masks and Photoshop and is an element that I find so captivating and demanding to the audience. Whilst on the topic of ‘The Trekstock Nine’, after the official event site goes live and the countdown begins, every day for nine days one of the nine designers will be revealed to the public. These Instagram posts will also be posted on the Facebook event and also on the homepage of the Trek The Runway website, which will ensure that people stay engaged, marking that they’re ‘interested’ or ‘going’ on our Facebook event or follow our Instagram page so that they keep getting updates. In addition, once all nine have been revealed, profiles on ‘The Trekstock Nine’ will be available on the ‘WHO’S TREKKING’ page on the Trek The Runway website.