Disrupted Fantasy

Disrupted Fantasy Part 1 Disrupted Fantasy Part 2 Disrupted Fantasy Part 3 Disrupted Fantasy Part 4 Disrupted Fairytale Part 5 Final Design Layout Part 2


The idea behind this shoot was to show the story of a villain and showcasing the fact the these so called ‘fairytales’ have quite a twisted nature. We felt that focusing on the villain instead of the heroine would be much more interesting and original.The styling was very much very dark, grungy and edgy but there is an element of softness present that hints to a stage where this person was ‘pre-villainous’ which creates an interesting transitional mood as the story progresses. Using words from the Angela Carter novel ‘The Bloody Chamber’ really helped enhance our concept of a ‘disrupted fantasy’ as her stories, being taken from the Disney adaptations and almost reverted back into the way the original Grimm tales were told added a very dynamic edge to the images as did the illustrations of key motifs from fairytales we used.

Photography & Styling was a brief that I have enjoyed so much and for a number of reasons. Being given such freedom to choose a theme and to interpret it in whatever way you choose introduced a very liberating way of working which provoked the act of taking risks and to push further with ideas and concepts. Using so many different software programmes in order to create the final work for this piece really helped me to acquire new skills as well as practising using the skills I had already learned in the past.