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Regarding promotional materials for the MEMORIA brand is essential in gaining mass public awareness for the launch on a global scale. As the first initial promotional materials will start to be released and circulated two months prior to the launch date, establishing and maintaining MEMORIA’s mysterious and intriguing aesthetic and identity is paramount. MEMORIA’s main source of promotion exist in the form of eight posters that will feature photographs taken at some of the potential location areas for the MEMORIA film accompanied by powerful quotes from various notable people from history whether it be a line from George Orwell’s novel, ‘1984’, something said by the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Asssange or a quote from Buddha himself. These posters will be distributed in using guerrilla-esque tactics as they will simply be strategically placed in places frequented by the public, hoping that the message inspires individuals to look further into the world of MEMORIA, which they can do by visiting the official website which covers the back of each poster with MEMORIA branding the centre of the page. As this will be people’s first glimpse at MEMORIA as a brand, I believe that this will introduce its brand identity in an incredibly powerful way.

For each poster, the background image’s opacity was lowered to around 80%, with the text, printed in the MEMORIA font, and in a colour that accented the landscape shot, building, or painting with its opacity also decreased to around 60%. Creating more transparent layers in both the photographs and text introduces the feeling of fading away, being forgotten, a loss of importance, and thus symbolizing that of which MEMORIA stands to represent: we must remember. Also, with such powerful quotes that have been said from incredibly powerful, knowledgeable, and influential individuals being presented in a way that proposes that these words could be erased is creates an incredibly powerful image for the viewer to experience. Some of the locations used in these posters are also places of worship that are now left in ruins. This element also mirrors the effect of fading away that altering the transparency has on the image. MEMORIA is a brand that stands on a platform that strives for transparency and truth from our governments and the media, so creating visuals in this way conveys this messages in a very powerful and clever way.


Natasha Perkin

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