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Drawing inspiration from the Guilty Remnant from ‘The Leftovers’, I wanted the styling to be predominantly white, or in in shades and hues spanning from white to nude, minimalistic in shape and design. Harnessing on-trend styles combined with the strong connotations held by the colour of the garments will work to connect with some of the main themes of the film, being faith, belief, mourning, and loss. Although most of the outfits I have selected adhere to this theme, there is one outfit that I have chosen to feature in the film that is slightly different. A nude mesh two-piece with a repeat pattern motif of renaissance cherubs will also be featured at one of the locations. This will work incredibly with the Painted Hall location, showcasing religious elements in a slightly more literal way. Shots that could include an overlay of footage from the Painted Hall would work to elevate the importance of this theme, really driving the message forward to the audience. The importance of the connotations that are synonymous with the colour white as well as how the Guilty Remnant stand to be “living reminders” for the “Departure” will also be what my model will represent in my film, as information is revealed in the form of text, overlaid over footage of the model interacting with various locations that have strong bonds to religion, faith, and the forgotten.


Natasha Perkin

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