Final Shoot Locations

St. Mary’s Church


Upon arriving at this location, taking in the space was very overwhelming. Contrasting feelings of awe and fear are exposed to the person experiencing this space. It felt like I was experiencing an out-of-body experience – with these spectacular ruins with a spectacular oak tree resting in the middle of the grounds with this ultra-light beam streaming through. The way in which the lighting casts amazing shadows and silhouettes within the space is simply breath-taking and something that cannot be described in a way in which it gives it full justice, it needs to be experienced, felt, absorbed. Looking out up to the sky, makes experiencing this location seem so strange, as it is forever stuck in the time of when it was built, yet when you look out it exists in all time periods since, evolving, being moulded to each different time through carvings of people’s names who have visited. This introduces a timeless quality to the space, as well as a strong sense of feeling infinite and formidable. Being immersed in a structure of ruins and remains, should evoke a chilling feeling or a strong sense of ease, however the reality couldn’t be more opposite. In actuality, the location conjures up feelings of warmth and comfort, entrancing anyone who experiences it.


St. Dunstan in the East


This location holds strong connections the topic of Science vs Faith I’ve studied in this brief, as it is the ruins of a church. The archways and stunning architecture and design work to entrance the person who enters the space – you are instantly enveloped with a strong sense of heritage that only works to make the site more visually striking. The foliage that covers the grand arches introduce contrasting textures, bringing life back to the ruins, showcasing that they have lived on even if they do not stand to do the function they were originally built for, they still mark the location with a strong sense of what the ruins represent. They are not forgotten; they are remembered through the countless people that come to this site to witness the beautiful views that this structure creates. This location will work incredibly well as a site for filming with the model. The various shapes, strong lines, and strong bond to nature will tie in perfectly with the all-white styling aesthetic that the lone model will display, interacting with the ruins alone in a space that is remembered but could so easily be forgotten.


Hampstead Heath Hill Garden and Pergola


This location is absolutely breath-taking – located deep within Hampstead Heath, it is one of London’s greatest hidden treasures. Surrounded by woodland and forestation, the grand structure of the garden and pergola entrance you as soon as you step foot inside. The scenery it produces from any vantage point are simply stunning and the design and architecture of the structure offer up incredible displays of bold, strong lines and shapes that are so captivating. When you walk through the site, you have to take in every detail, the artistry in the design is so intricate and the layout is so entrancing, in some areas, it pulls you in, much like a maze. The nature present at the site also works, much like St. Dunstan in the East, to introduce blasts of colour and interesting textures that contrast with the strong, grand structure that has such an elevated presence – evoking powerful feelings of discovery and admiration. Observing this location, I could visualise the way in which the structure, and some of the uniform, repeated aspects, present almost create an optical illusion-esque feeling, thus creating an enthralling, hypnotic feeling that will work well with the model and it will be interesting to play around with the sense of feeling lost, introducing a sense of confusion and bewilderment that comes with the topic of ideas surrounding the “truth” and conditioning that I have studied. Given its isolated nature, this site will also capture that element of existing within something far greater than yourself. I think that filming from interesting angles and vantage points will give the footage an edge and great depth that will create some incredibly captivating visuals, drawing the audience in.


Chapel of St. Peter & St. Paul, Old Royal Naval College


Again, being immersed in such a visually beautiful space and being exposed to such stunning display of artistic design, is what ensures striking footage that will create an amazing juxtaposition between the sheer beauty present in this space to the message of lies and deceit that derive from government and media power. With spectacular high ceilings, stunning attention to detail in the craftsmanship presented in the cream and blue design of the decoration, these elements contrasts wonderfully with the feature mural displayed front-and-centre of the chapel. Becoming lost in the carvings and strong lines of this decoration is one of the primary elements of the space that work to fully captivate the viewer’s attention and causes them to be fully immersed in the space. It’s beauty and the presence of rich colours will create great contrast between the strong, impactful, hard-hitting message that this film stands to communicate.


The Painted Hall, Old Royal Naval College


The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich marks its Painted Hall as “one of the most spectacular and important baroque interiors in Europe”. British artist, Sir James Thornhill is responsible for the spectacular ceiling and wall decorations which were executed between 1707 and 1726: “The artist drew on a cast of around 200 figures to tell a story of political change, scientific and cultural achievements, naval endeavours, and commercial enterprise against a series of magnificent backdrops. The characters he included are allegorical, mythological, historical and contemporary.” A combination of both art and architecture, this symbiotic relationship between the two join forces to create some of the most beautiful visual imagery, experiencing these paintings up-close was absolutely incredible. The attention to detail and being able to observe the brush strokes so clearly intensified the impact that the work evoked. Ultimately, the work “presents a vivid and compelling picture of Britain’s place in the world according to those who governed it at the start of the eighteenth century.” Thus, the scenes in this artwork mirrors the areas of the conflicts posed in the Science vs. Faith argument as well as the topic of Myths and Legends, conveyed through the focus on subjects such as astrology and the signs of the Zodiac, which connect to the research I have conducted in this brief. This location connects closely to my research in this brief as it draws parallels to the paintings I studied within the theme of Myths and Legends as well as the artwork I sourced when studying the rapture. Thus, this location is a direct response to that form of communication in terms of exploring narrative and themes of faith, science, and mythology. I think that this location will serve as a truly great asset, in creating some mesmerising material to be featured in my work.


Sagrada Família


Observing the spectacular artistry and design created by Gaudí was an experience that will be hard to forget. The way in which he combined two art forms in a seemingly effortless way to produce pure beauty, elegance, and a formidable display of design and architecture that, despite being designed in 1883, triumphs over many if not all noted building structures. His genius radiates throughout Barcelona – after visiting every Gaudí site, it felt like Barcelona was Gaudí’s own city that he created and everything in between was just of insignificance, almost like every other building was built to fit around his work. The beauty and charm of Barcelona is due, in large part, to the bold shapes, beautiful craftsmanship and the overall stunning and unique aesthetic that exists in every Gaudí structure in the city. It is a huge testament to Gaudíi’s talent that still, to this day, stand to be some of the most iconic, influential display of architectural genius that will forever stand as the ultimate example of exemplary design, style, and skill. It for this reason that the inclusion of footage of this particular location, Gaudí’s most notable work, to be featured in the film will work to captivate the attention of the audience.

Natasha Perkin

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