Final Logo Design

I have chosen Design 5) using the typeface ‘Bugfast’. The distortion and glitch-like element present in the logo not only remarkably resonates with the brand’s focus on memory, loss, manipulation, and vulnerability of the mind, but it also refers to the theme of The Media & Conditioning that I researched in this brief. This is as these characteristics are reminiscent that of hacking, and the distorted nature of the designs introduce a sense of vulnerability and manipulation present in our memory and how unclear some of our memories are and how easily they can be distorted, tainted. The subtly within the glitch-effect present in this design, paired with the intensity it creates introduces an amazing contrast – one that both enables readability and captivates the audience. Also, the brand identity of MEMORIA can be seen clearly with the use of this design. The way in which the glitches in the lettering paired with the way in which the opacity of the colour was decreased on Photoshop to appear more transparent, resonates with the true form of what the brand: MEMORIA stands for – the idea of memory, loss, and remembrance and the power and control that comes with the ability to recall and remember that can be so easily manipulated from outside forces, particularly the government and the media. MEMORIA stands to return power back to individuals that have been prey to such powers, living blindly in a society where lies and fabrications take the form of truth and transparency.


Natasha Perkin

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