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Alexander Wang


This fashion label shares its name with its leader; the indomitable, master tailor that is Alexander Wang. The Wang brand is pioneering and trend-setting. Wang was instrumental in bringing the ‘athlesiure’ aesthetic to the forefront of the fashion industry, while assuredly injecting it with a high-end twist. Aside from the strong silhouettes and tough/glam fabrics, I fell in love with the brand for its dramatic ad campaigns. The campaigns are strong in narrative and drama, perfectly balancing urban grit with New York glamour. Growing up in Britain I understand the streetwear aesthetic that is such a driving force for Wang and feel like I would be an asset in injecting some of the industrial London style into the Wang brand.


The Reformation


The Reformation manufactures clothes using sustainable methods and eco-friendly materials. Their silhouettes are effortlessly stylish, doing away with the stereotypical associations of vintage with gaudiness. Ref is modern not only in its designs, but in its outlook. ¾ of the company’s staff are women, while the ‘RefScale’ on the website lets shoppers know the eco-savings they are making by buying at Ref instead of an industry standard clothing store. I would love to work at Ref because I am a politically conscious person with so many ideas as to how to make Ref even more woke! Super efficient, organised and optimistic, I love working in fast-paced environments, something that Ref embodies given that here a sketch becomes a dress in just a month!




With its structured shoulder pads and armour-like embellishments, Balmain’s clothes are the embodiment of empowerment – preparing its wearers to enter the most stylish battle in history. Just as Balmain’s silhouettes are fearless, so is its relationship with colour, experimenting with everything, from khaki to yellow.

The brand also has a unique business model, which draws on the music industry. Balmain creator Olivier Rousteing argues that music is universal, whereas not everyone buys fashion magazines. We see this with the brand’s jointly released music video for Wolves with Kanye West, which featured models wearing Balmain’s latest collection.

For me, Balmain is the ultimate. Bold, modern; the cutting-edge of fashion.  Like Rousteing I see the bigger picture and look to the world for my creative inspiration instead of limiting myself to within the fashion industry. In turn, Balmain would teach me what it means to be a 21st Century fashion brand – to define the times not be defined by them.




Judging by the look and feel of Self-Portrait’s clothes, you would expect to be paying the luxury price tag. But therein lies the genius of Hang Chong, who makes high fashion collections without the price tag to match, collapsing the dichotomy of high street and high fashion in the process. Sure, it’s not exactly Primark prices, but it does show a move towards a more democratic conception of fashion.

Self-Portrait’s collections also play with gender, mixing delicate, feminine fabrics with masculine silhouettes. But what I love most about the clothes is their transitional quality and that the designs are also informed by historical references outside of fashion. This is something that I myself consider a strength, in terms of my ability to do considered, in-depth research.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of working with Self-Portrait is how young it is. Being a part of a relatively new company means being part of a team who does not rest on their laurels, who is constantly looking forward and seizing every opportunity to be as creative and interesting as possible. I feel like I would be an asset here because I am exactly the kind of woman the brand is targeting – young, fun, driven, and ready to push the boundaries.




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Louis Vuitton


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Katharine Hamnett


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Nylon Magazine


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Natasha Perkin

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