Academic Journal – False Memories

The concept of implanting false memories is paradoxically terrifying and fascinating. The manipulation of the mind in this way demonstrates further understanding into the vulnerabilities of the mind that heightens when we recall or remember memories. Here, Elizabeth Loftus states: “False memories are constructed by combining actual memories with the content of suggestions received from others. During the process, individuals may forget the source of the information. This is a classic example of source confusion, in which the content and the source become dissociated.” Different psychological techniques are utilised to subjects in order to create such false memories, which works to introduce the cracks can be so easily formed within the mind. Implanting false childhood memories, it much easier than trying to create a false memory during a recent time-period as your mind is far more likely to recall it more clearly as much of our childhood is hazy to begin with, meaning that the mind is more likely to be susceptible to suggestion in this way. There are deep complexities and consequences that come with the success of implanting a false memory in someone’s mind as it may “raise doubt about the validity of long-buried memories, such as repeated trauma, it in no way disproves them. Without corroboration, there is little that can be done to help even the most experienced evaluator to differentiate true memories from ones that were suggestively planted.” This causes me to question the power with the ability to create a false memory, especially if it is done without our knowledge. It may cause you to come into conflict with your entire sense of self and being. This academic journal supports my focus on the concept conditioning and how the public are the subjects of mind manipulation by the government and the media, as well as the idea that “history” should be questioned and not treated as gospel.

Natasha Perkin

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