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Making ‘pathway’ visuals the header for both Rare Dementia Support and Bose’s twitter accounts will work to achieve instant attention for the event when viewers click on their pages. This, combined with posting tweets frequently in the form of updates as well as links to their latest Instagram posts and Facebook event will gain maximum coverage in terms of promotion. Bose’s mass following will work to attract a high volume of their followers and also alert them to Rare Dementia Support and hopefully encourage them to click on their twitter handle to see all of the amazing work they do, thus gaining more recognition for both the organisation and FTD and other rare dementia diseases. Primarily, ‘pathway’ aims to utilise social media to generate as much buzz around the event as possible and with it appearing on the holy trinity of the social network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in posting creative visuals, informative statements, and frequent reminders about the event will no doubt work to get a lot of people involved. FTD and other brain degenerative disease touch the lives of so many people and its impact is final, destructive, and painful but with people being able to write posts on Facebook, leave a comment on Instagram, or post a tweet with the hashtag ‘#pathway’ and ‘#musicismedicine’ we can start a conversation about FTD and other brain degenerative diseases that affect so many individuals and families. Giving voices to those who struggle to live through this, and give them a forum in which they can share their stories and hopefully break the cycle of the stigma that surrounds this form of disease. Hopefully, starting a dialogue on various social media sites, not just Twitter, but also Instagram and Facebook will be the spark that ignites the fire to increase awareness for FTD and the amazing creativity and innovation that is music therapy and how it gives these people their lives back, their identities back. It gives them hope when once, all that surrounded it was loss, pain, and grief for a person that their loved ones have to lose not once, in their death, but twice through seeing their entire identity wither away until they are no longer the person they once were. It is truly a devastating thing to watch.


Natasha Perkin

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