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The visual appearance for ‘pathway’s’ official website homepage mirrors that of the layout and structure used when promoting the event on both Rare Dementia Support and Bose’s own websites, with the use of additional information provided in the text to inform the reader about the initial nature of the event. The navigation bar of the site allows the viewer to access different information about the event. More of an in-depth description about ‘pathway’ will be available, explaining the reasons behind the collaboration as well as the importance of the event in raising awareness primarily for FTD but also other rare dementia diseases that the charity organisation aids and how a musical component works to illustrate the innovative work of music therapy. This information will all be supplied in the ‘the event’ section. In the ‘location’ section, a brief history of Hampton Court Maze will be given as well as exploring the power that lies within travelling the pathways of a maze and how it can work to unlock parts of your mind buried deep within the subconscious. Once you have purchased your tickets, gaining access to the page at the bottom of the homepage through click on the ‘GET YOUR TICKETS HERE’ button, you then will go to the ‘your profile’ page whereby you will use the code allocated to your  ticket to provide the information for your profile prior to the event so that if you would either like to make an extra donation to the event it is easier as well as keeping you updated about the event as it nears its launch. By clicking on the ‘questionnaire’ page, once you login in using your profile details, as you are then proven to have a ticket for the event, you will be asked to complete a 25 questions all related to memory and music in, predominantly your past, as well as the present and your answer will help our team generate a personalised playlist for every individual that we then upload to Spotify and make the link available on your profile that will go live on the date you selected to experience ‘pathway’. This will lead you on a musical journey, triggering memories of your past, all varying in impact and emotional connection, but nonetheless powerful, as the individual ventures deeper through the maze, working to unlock your mind. The social media icons for ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’ and the ‘Rare Dementia Support’ and ‘Bose’ logos as well as the ‘DONATE’ option, will all link the viewer directly to their subsequent social media pages, event pages and official websites where they can explore all of the information these various outlets has to offer, to showcase a wider scope ‘pathway’, and of course donating is always encouraged.



Natasha Perkin

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