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Although for an event of this capacity, and given that the majority of the target market are millennials and Generation Z, social media is the superior form of promotion, however there will be a poster campaign put in place. This will exist in the form of flyering, and given UCL’s relationship to Rare Dementia Support, spreading the word on UCL’s campus will launch promotion over many other universities, as well as posters for ‘pathway’ appearing on billboards, at bus stops and at tube stations in London and Surrey. Although the event is being held in Surrey, promoting this mode of promotion for the event will primarily take place in London as it will attract a much wider audience and work to appeal to our entire demographic. The impact that poster campaigns can have on the success of an event can be the difference between failure and success. Although social media is such a dominating force, the power of advertising is on an entirely other level. Adverts have a way of seeping into your subconscious without your mind even realising it, and its relentless repetitiveness on your eye creates a memory of it in your mind, and this has such an impact that you are more likely to consider it further when you are away from it. It’s enticing nature and how it’s marketed to spark curiosity and peak interest makes it an incredibly powerful tool to utilise to ensure mass circulation and promotion.

Natasha Perkin

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