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Creating an Instagram account for ‘pathway’ is an integral part of the 360 campaign. Instagram is the fast becoming the most popular social media site, thus making it a vital aspect of promotion for the event. Also, with Bose’s huge following as well as our key demographic being that of millennials and Generation Z in terms of encouraging individuals in this age bracket to educate themselves on FTD and other rare dementia disease and enlightening them on the importance of creative research and theories like music therapy. In today’s society, we are amongst times where people are questioning things, wanting to learn more to escape the conditioning that we have been subjected to for so long, so encouraging innovation is a predominant factor of this event. Both the Instagram account and ‘pathway’s’ own website are the most vital elements of the online aspect of the 360 campaign for this concept. I have also created the first three posts that will be uploaded once the event has been announced by both Rare Dementia Support and Bose and the ‘pathway’ official site has launched. The first post will simply display the poster created for the event, thus maintaining continuity and cohesion in design throughout all the different mediums of promotion, followed by two quite creative and visually dynamic posts. The second post will be simple but highly striking and effective as it is the word ‘pathway’ repeated in an adapted form of the Archimedes spiral, as mine is showcased in a square form to mirror more of a similar structure to the Hampton Court Maze. The Archimedes spiral symbolizes the significance of memory and loss of memory as well the cycle of the mind attempting to remember getting closer and closer but just out of reach. The way in which the words appear, evoke that of and hypnotic effect, entrancing, mirroring and the effect of an optical-illusion almost, making it a very captivating image. The third post presents the digital layout of the Hampton Court Maze, which I then transformed into a repeat pattern and then overlaid it with ‘pathway’ throughout the design. This is a very strong visual as it’s uniform and solid, powerful structure works to evoke a strong sense of unity and validity in terms of the absolute necessity of this event and why it is so important to encourage people to learn more about how the mind works, that it is something we often take for granted and don’t fully understand the full extent to how much work is done in our minds every day for simple seemingly mundane tasks, and hopefully urge them to push for innovative techniques and methods in order to reach new heights in discovery. I have also made the designs of the three posts into GIFs that are available on my blog. Posting them as GIFs will bring a slightly more interactive to the account and will mirror the effect that of the immersive experience we are providing for people. Also, the second post of the Archimedes spiral is very intense and heightens the level of hypnosis to great heights, thus making it a very powerful GIF. Going forward, the next three posts will include more informative, supplying our followers with things like stats for the number of people effected with FTD within the last year or that per a study conducted at Florida Atlantic University, “20 to 50 percent of dementia cases in people under the age of 65.”, the 10 symptoms that are the first signs of FTD, which are, as stated by alzheimers.net, “1. Poor judgement 2. Loss of empathy 3. Socially inappropriate behaviour 4. Lack of inhibition 5. Repetitive compulsive behaviour 6. Inability to concentrate or plan 7. Frequent, abrupt mood changes 8. Speech difficulties 9. Problems with balance or movement 10. Memory loss”. There will also be a post dedicated to the documentary, Alive Inside, so people can fully realize of just how life-changing this creative theory of music therapy is and the sheer and ultimate power of music memory: it’s such a beautiful thing to witness.


Natasha Perkin

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