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Instead of having its own Facebook page, an event will be created for ‘pathway’ through its own Facebook account, as I feel that it will increase the number of followers the charity’s account will receive as Bose has over a million likes on its Facebook page and they are also tagged in the comments and have also posted on the event’s page. An event page will allow us to have a clear idea of just how many people are interested in an event like this and will enable us to gage whether more promotional measures need to be taken in order to attract more people. The layout is clear and the information is concise and provides a deep insight into the nature of ‘pathway’ and what it stands to communicate. If there is enough buzz around this first event in Surrey, there could be the potential opportunity to expand ‘pathway’ to do a tour of some of the UK’s most intricate and popular mazes, with ‘pathway’ remaining in each place for a month at a time, thus making it more of an inclusive event and will maximize the number of people that can attend the event, thus raising even more awareness for this amazing cause which is the primary goal. Pricing tickets at £25 per person is so that we can make as much money as possible for the charity in order to aid innovative research and advancement in clinical trials as much as possible as well as adhering to a price point that is desirable to our target market.



Natasha Perkin

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