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Leeds Castle Maze, Kent

One of Kent’s most popular mazes and is deemed quite difficult to solve as it is set in a square shape, but when viewed from above the design is circular. It is made up of over 2,400 yew trees and upon exiting through the grotto you also venture through a combination of more mazes as well as labyrinths to achieve ultimate completion.


Hampton Court Maze, Surrey

Arguably the most famous maze in the world, it is the UK’s oldest surviving mazes, being planted around the 1700s by Willian III and was also once the home of Henry VIII and his six wives. This maze covers a third of an acre of land. It is one of the most visited mazes in the UK.


Blenheim Palace Maze, Oxfordshire

The world’s second largest symbolic maze, this structure is made up 3,000 yew trees and was designed to mirror the history that of Blenheim Palace itself. The maze spans over 1.8 acres of land and includes two bridges at either end of the centre circle of the puzzle, allowing you to plan your exit.


Noah’s Ark Maze, Somerset

Curated to be shaped into that of Noah’s Ark, this maze is made up of 14,000 beach trees. Questions are put in place along the journey to be answered in order to help participants reach the centre. There is also a mini maze for children beside it so they can practice for the main event.


All these mazes are exception and are unique in their own right, with incredibly intricate detailed patterns and amazing pathways that would work exceptionally well for this event. However, after much consideration, the Hampton Court Maze in Surrey is a stand-out structure. As it is said to be one of it not the most famous mazes in the world and is also the UK’s most popular maze, leads me to believe that it will gain the most attention and buzz for the event as it is a renowned location. Also, it’s close proximity to London further enhances the Hampton Court Maze as the most desirable location for this event as it will offer those in the bustling city of London easy access to the event but will have to venture just outside of London itself, introducing a sense of escapism. And for others travelling from other parts of the country it will be beneficial as they could choose to extend their stay to explore more of London. The opportunity to develop this event further and explore mazes all around the UK is definitely a possibility and one that I am very interested in exploring if the first event goes well in Surrey. Ultimately, the goal is to raise awareness for this devastating disease that so little know about and also promote the amazing results that emanate from music therapy in helping those to remember their memories and get their identity back that was stripped from them, so the more events we can do and the more people that get involved the better.

Natasha Perkin

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