Academic Journal – The Connection Between Colour & Memory

This academic journal highlights the importance of colour in cognitive thinking and the concept of using colour to “enhance memory performance”. With memory comes the ability to both remember and store information that makes us who we are as individuals, providing us to retain our identity. The way in colours can be used in order to enhance both attention and evoke emotions within the individual is a strong force that works to build and strengthen our memory. “Colour helps us in memorizing certain information by increasing our attentional level. The role played by colour in enhancing our attention level is undisputable. The more attention focused on certain stimuli, the more chances of the stimuli to be transferred to a more permanent memory storage.” This statement means that colours stimulate our attention and the strong ties they share with a memory means that our capacity to retain them is greater. Colour associations are also highly important when it comes to memories as “the choice of colours and the manipulative aspects can, however, influence the extent to which colours can influence human memory performance”. I think it would be very interesting to see how people perceive colour in relation to their memories, and whether there is a specific colour has a higher association and connection with our most treasured memories than others.


Natasha Perkin

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