The Notebook



In Nicholas Cassavetes’ ‘The Notebook’, the story moves between the same couple – Noah and Allie – in the opening and closing acts of their love story. From their urgent and passionate love affair in the 1940s to the present-day nursing home, where Allie is disappearing into the shadowy recesses of Alzheimer’s. Everyday, Noah reads to Allie from a notebook the story of how they met and fell in love in the hopes that, even just for a few minutes, she will remember and return to him again. Sometimes, she does. It’s not just words, but music that propels Allie into the present again. Back in the 40s, when the two run off to an abandoned house to have sex for the first time, Allie plays Chopsticks on the piano. In the present, when she sits down to play that same song, her memories come flooding back once again: a moving demonstration of the powerful relationship that exists between music and memory.

Natasha Perkin

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