Victoria Williamson – The Music of Memory | TED Talk


The concept of musical memory is staggering and so interesting. After watching this talk, I found myself trying to recall the memories that appear the most vivid and with the most clarity in my mind and almost all of them include incredibly strong musical elements that create powerful emotional connections. The connection that is rooted deep within a memory through the special and wonderfully weird bond that is formed between music and emotions is something that I, as well as many other, believe to be one of the most powerful effects on our personality and identity.

Music can affect us in extreme ways. It has the power to evoke pure joy, devastating pain, exhilarating energy, and provoke pure thought. Music takes you back. It magnifies the mind’s ability to time travel back in time and sometimes even propel forward to a vision of a potential future you see for yourself. This aspect of the relationship between music and memory is one of the things I love most about when I think about music, it enables me to remember my memories with such greater clarity and the association between a specific song and a memory can be something really beautiful. And it’s just for you, unless you choose to share it, making it a truly personal experience, tightly tying it to your sense of self.

The power that music stands to flow through our minds, thus constantly triggering our subconscious to remember memories is mind-blowing and ultimately unexplainable. There is no scientific reason that can be given as to why music sits so deep within our memories, which is when the creative side of the brain takes over, as we start to form our own personal rationalisations for this truly amazing phenomenon.


Natasha Perkin

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